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Single slot 460? Yes! it work!

When XFX released the firstHD5670 single slot, many people were sure it wouldn't work. But it was great. Now KFA2 is trying to score on a GTX460 featuring DP + 1 DVI and a single slot full body cooler! Guess what, IT WORK!I was myself expecting terri...

Xonar vs Creative

I can't believe there isn't an ROG audio section yet. You'd think it would have been created on account of the ROG Thunderbolt and Vulcan.Anyways, I heard that xonar is better for plain audio and creative X-Fi is better for gaming.I Have two question...

Designing the Vulcan ANC headset

We recently sat down with ROG and ASUS sound engineers who told us a little background detail about the new Vulcan ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) gaming headset, which has been in development for a little while now. The headset is primarily designed...

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asus crosshair v formula/1090T

is this a safe overclock?http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=1909480prime 95 going now and max temp is at 50C with an H50 (my first time installing a heatsink)

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ASUS MARS II Graphics Card Pictured

The Republic of Gamers MARS II, detailed earlier, is a new custom dual-GF110 based graphics card in the works at ASUS. Here are some of its first pictures, revealing a monstrosity that's about as long as a Radeon HD 5970, a couple of inches higher, a...

2600k on dry ice

I will do some dice in the am tomorrow and post some pics. Retail 2600k is D2 revision and my understanding is D0 & D1 is no good at subzero FYI.