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Bios How To Config Rampage III Extreme - AR3E ?

Dear sirs,I need alot of help as below;AR3E at "Bios Setup";1. How to select "Default Settings (F7)" ?2. How to overclock at optimum settings at "Extreme Tweaker" and other sub-menus?Sapphire ATI HD5970 how to overclock?I am "green"; I hope anyone ca...

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Ultra stability test

Hi!I am developing a new test tools for Intel Core i7 950 through evolutionary approach. The main advantage over other tests is that it is much faster.But I would need to validate this tool not only through my PC, but also having a response with othe...

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OCing issues with M4E + 2600K + SLI 460 GTX

Hi everyone,I recently got and setup my watercooled build with 2 EVGA 460s in SLI, a 2600K and the M4E board along with 8GB (2x 4GB) of G.Skill Reaper X RAM. I am also using a Corsair 850AX PSU (which should give me more than enough power).The issues...

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HELP NEEDED:OC CORE i3 530 2.93ghz

dear members I have intel core i3 530 2.93ghz pro (no turbo)asus p7h55-v mobo2gb ram ddr3 1333 , transcend400 watt power supply intel heat sink fan no extra cooling system1gb integrated graphics card (intel h55)my problem is at 180 BCLK and vcore ...

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ROG motherboard coverage from Computex

**updated video:Here are some shots from Computex showcasing ROG products.Crosshair V Formula, and Maximus IV Gene-ZConcept motherboard: Danshui Bay (pronounced Dan Shway Bay). It combines LGA1366 and future LGA2011 platforms on a single motherboard...

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The new Z68 chipset and what to expect from ASUS

Today Intel launches a new chipset marked as Z68. This new chipset allows you to take advantage of your Sandybridge CPU's integrated GPU. But why Z68? Doesn't H67 already take advantage of the integrated graphics processor in Sandybridge? Yes, wi...

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overclocking rig

Hello, Im intereseted to buy Asus p8z68-V pro MOBO + 2600k i7 Processor what other cpu parts and brands will I purchase to overclock my i7 2600k processor to at least 5.1ghz for my 24/7 use.?thanks