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The motherboard run very well and so i try to Ai Overclocking, and during normal desktop use run well and also with games like Battlefield 5.But yesterday during play a receive a blue screen withCLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUTI annexe some spec on my system, ...


In case some aren't following what is going on over at the 'bot we've got a ROG Team member in 4th spot for G.Skill OC World Cup Qualifier. 5 more days, Jab - pretty cool to watch!

tt0ne by Level 9
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Safe voltage for AMD X470 SouthBridge

What is safe voltage for AMD X470 SouthBridge? Did'n find any info in the web, maybe some datasheets or something? I'm currently trying to stabilize work of PCI-E card that have compatibility issues with AMD mobos, found that SB voltage increase have...

anode01 by Level 7
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Just got a GL703GS... 141415

Can't seem to log in through Realbench, nor can it parse my system specs, apparantly but thought I'd share my results after undervolting. Will consider reapplying thermal paste to help out on temps, but so far so good. Haven't got any real point of c...

Frinkky by Level 7
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Apex XI overvolts on Manual mode

Hi,I recently bought a Apex Xi mb, 9900KF, and G.Skill 3200 memory.So I've tried to do some overclocking, and so far I've set my eyes on 5GHz. I can set the multiplier to 50, and everything works fine, but when I start stress testing, the voltage jum...

SCAR II Overheat Problem =/

Hey,so I am a happy owner of a SCAR II, since reviews are all positive and people report ~ 80 Degree Temperatures for it, sadly my SCAR is always reaching 100 Degree, undervolting is a No-No, since I lost the Lotery. with -0,040 V, doing more just in...

ehnoah by Level 7
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VCore increase under load

Hello everyone! So I've decided to do some overclocking on my 2950X. I decided to run at 4.0GHz and I also decided to undervolt the CPU to 1.2 volts... I have passed a 4 hour OCCT CPU stress test and also 20 passes of IBT at maximum stress. On top of...