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Maximus Xi Extreme 9900k Helpp!!

Speak friends, then I have the same setup of the video, I selected the same settings, so when running cinebech it does not reach 2050 of punctuation! Another thing, when running p95, aida64 the temperature hits almost 97 degrees! I have a h150i, can ...

HWbot Seasonal Stats

Loving the new format for hwbot that includes seasonal rankings. Speaking of which just saw ROG take first place position in Apprentice League thanks to Jab:https://hwbot.org/user/jab383/Nice!

tt0ne by Level 9
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Overclocking for the first time in 5 years

Greetings everyone,I recently joined because I ran into some issues trying to overclock my i9-9900k and I thought the ROG forums would probably be able to help me out since I'm using a ROG motherboard.These are the settings I have changed so far in t...

Groda by Level 7
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Z370-e and 8600k overclock help

Hi, guys, was playing with overclocking for several days trying to figure it out, so my most stable 5ghz was that - see screenshot:https://i.gyazo.com/c854177ec4cf7f57ea204f98ef44ac09.pngSo voltage ony my CPU is 1.365, cache ratio is 43, cpu core mul...

OC Adaptive Mode vCore Doesnt Drop....

So I'm using Adaptive Mode (1.285v LLC 6) .....ran a ton of stress tests yesterday with a final 12 Hr P95 Blend run.All Cores 5 Ghz / Cache Ratio 4.7 GhzUnder load my vCore is between 1.270v - 1.296v - setting LLC lower to say "5" will result in vDr...

rjbarker by Level 11
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asus rog x470 f strix ram oc questions

Hi, Im no expert on overclocking. Ive mostly learned the hard way and usually just from trial and error. So I got a new motherboard (x470 f strix) I got it used but it seems working perfectly (except for the question of this thread). -CPU (ryzen 7 27...

saxork by Level 7
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Bad 1080 ti overclocking results?

So recently I've decided to overclock my Rog Strix 1080 Ti OC a bit with gputweak.Every time I push the core voltage slider over the 10% state, it doesn't pass the 3D Mark Fire Attack stress test – it just stops.Without changing the core voltage offs...

wonderin by Level 8
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Segustions for OC and RealBench issue!!

Hi All,I have two part question: I recently upgraded my air cooled CPU (intel corei7-7700K)and GPU (EVGA 1080 TI FTW3) to water cooling using : One loop AIO I am having some issues with Stress testing and Bench Marking with RealBench . I am able to s...