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Asus Apex Xi problems?

HiI recently changed a formula x for an apex xi.I do not understand how the overclock of this Mb works.I have a 9900k at 5 ghz with water.In formula x i have 5 ghz with 1.18 vcore. At 5.3ghz a need 1.32 vcore.Temp of package and cpu (peci) are on 73-...

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I need some help with a small overclock. Please.

Hello to everyone:DSo i am new here on forums. I recently built a new system and i would really need some help from you guys.I would like to set my rig in a way, that my cpu could max out on all cores at 4.7 Ghz. How should i set up my BIOS?I know th...

goku15 by Level 7
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HELP! My system reboots ramdomly! DRAM voltages?

First things first, here's a description of my system:MB: ASUS STRIX Z370 F-Gaming with latest BIOS v1802CPU: Intel 8700KCooler: CoolerMaster Masterliquid 240 proRAM: 2x8GB G.Skill Ripjaws V CL15 3200 DDR4GPU: MSI GTX1080Ti Founders EditionPSU: Corsa...

Overclocking I9-9900K on MAXIMUS X HERO

So I’m trying to overclock on my Maximus X Hero but I need some help.* So far I got 1.24V @ 5GHz All core, XMP Enabled, No to MCE, 1.05 VCCIO (maybe it will need a slight boost), 1.1 VSA and max values for CPU Core/Cache Current Limit Max, *Long and ...

P9X79-E WS Manual RAM Timing

Hello,I do not want to do overclocking. I have some problem to get RAM working and decided to set the RAM timing manually now - This is the first time I try to set it manually.I think the people in this forum have the best experience with this topic....

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gkeller by Level 7
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[Help needed] Issues OCing 7700K to 5ghz

Hello,I hope you don’t bash me since I’m new but I’m genuinely here seeking help from people with experience.I stumbled upon a ton of posts regarding 7700K OC/stability/temps. And that's why I decide to discuss it here seeking help. I'm going to try ...

memory and CPU help please

i bought a computer was supposed to be 15% OC or more and tested stable for 72 hours... i kinda think that its only 10% also i dont think the memory is runinng at 3200...i looked at a few other threads i think i have it set the same...but ???https:/...

danegeld by Level 7
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Voltages with R5 2600 and B450-F board

Hey everyone, Kinda messed up today overclocking. I am stable 3.8ghz right now on a Ryzen 2600 with ROG B450-F board and 16g 2666 memory. 3.9Ghz was crashing in Prime95, and I went to adjust voltage, did it. And then I realized I didn't know what I w...

notjack by Level 7
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