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Asus GTX 470 overclock question.

Hi,Currently tried overclocking my Asus GTX 470 from stock 607 MHz to 700 MHz using MSI Afterburner, fan speed to 80% and temp ranging from 60-70 Celsius. The problem is, when ever I play Witcher 2 with max settings, the video card driver tends to cr...

Drebea by Level 7
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hi!I am a happy owner of the R4E. Today I took a look at the OC-Key. I can see the OSD, but there is no chance to navigate in the OSD menu, although I put a Keyboard into the OC-Key!Hope you can help me,Michixxx

Michixxx by Level 7
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Failing stress test after 6+ hours

I've got my computer nearly stable at 4.75GHz. It will run 8 threads of prime95 for around 5-8 hours before it crashes. I tried upping my vCore a couple notches, but that didn't seem to help. I don't think it's a heat issue since my temps are rath...

Moloch by Level 7
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bios/cpu compatabilty question

ello folkssorry but its not regarding my ROG board.i flashed the bios on my "cough"gabyte board to upgrade to the bulldozer but then ended up buying my CH5. should i reflash the bios with an older version to run my phenom 965be? thanks in advance an...

ganji by Level 13
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OC option used by JJ in AI Suite II

Hi there,I watched a video on the Newegg YouTube channel that had JJ from ASUS on there talking about overclocking (link). This has also been discussed on Linus Tech Tips.I saw that JJ used a feature in AI Suite II to auto-overclock his CPU. It did l...

EZ_plug_1 EZ_plug_2

HiMy question is what do you think I should plug in the extra power connectors on the motherboard to the memory and graphics card EZ_plug_1 EZ_plug_2 I run with Asus Rampage Extreme X79 IV Intel I7 3930K The memory of 1600MHz I just run with a 680 ca...

asard by Level 7
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PSU Connection Questions.

Hello,First of all i've been seening people saying that: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Seasonic-X-850-Watt-Power-Supply/dp/B004ETEFTK/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1336425717&sr=8-2-fkmr0Edit: i do intend to run 2 graphics cards out of my PSU & Pheobus Soun...

Lilkka by Level 9
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Asus vg278h 3D Monitor prob

Hai guys;)So i've bought htis monitor end last year & offcourse i'm verry happy with it, but from thene, i'm having a "small" issue with it.To make things clear, the monitor gives random "no dvi signal" & gives me black screen after that:(Most of the...

RoG1 by Level 7
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