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Z9PE-D8-WS and I7 3960x

Hello GuysIm completely new to OC,, I just put a Z9PE-D8-WS on my case and an I7 on the CPU1 slot.With defaults values on Bios I can boot and installed Windows 7 64.I have 8GB of DDR (2x4GB) and Im also watercooling.This is just a rig for learning, ...

How do I make my GPU HOTTER?

I'm entering entering a contest held by Artic, and I need to know how hot I can get my GPU, well, I need to know how hot I can safely get it to, because I need the highest temperature difference possible. I'm running a reference 6950 with the 6970 bi...

Consoul by Level 7
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iGPU isnt working need help

hi there to anyone who is reading this i have a problem with my on board graphics i have a Maximus V-GENE board and i have taken out the graphics card that i had in there (EVGA GeForce 460) so that it would just run on the integrated i keep getting t...

ASUS G73JH-RBBX05 HDD issue.

Hello! I am writing this message in the hopes that someone might be able to figure out exactly what the problem is and if it can be fixed without having to send my PC in for an RMA. I have a G73JH-RBBX05, which I purchased as a refurbished device. I ...

Ronit by Level 7
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remapping fn+___ key strokes

hi there, does anyone know if its possible to make it so when i press "fn + f12" it replaces that keystroke with just a single stroke of the "f12" key? and i'd like to apply this across the whole row from f1-f12. i think its silly to have to hold d...

Upgrading Laptop Drivers

Hey guys, newbie question here. I just bought an Asus G55 and it's arriving soon. Anyway, before I start playing with it, should I update the drivers? How important is it to update all/some the drivers? Should I update all the drivers or just the gra...