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My G74SX (91310Z) Overclocking (Temperatures)

Hello eveyone. It's 3 days now since I get my G74SX (91310Z). I know this is pretty powerfull laptop but I want to make him stronger than is. I have done some tweaking and cleaning. Now it is pretty faster. But I want to get more FPS in games when pl...

Rampage iii extreme reassign pcie slots please

hey all, just really want to know how to re-assign the GPU slots on the rampage 3 extreme. i dont want to use the top slot so i can put in a 240mm rad on my exhaust fans and want to move my gtx 460 (soon 660) down to the next slot, please help!!!!!

Memory help

Hi yall and thanks for taking the time to read my post. im new to the RoG forum but not new to computer builds. I recently just built another rig, specs are listed below, and i cant seem to get my mem up to speed. when i try to go for default speeds,...

"Failed to detect a supported video card" ????

I recently purchased the G74x gaming laptop and it was running beautifully and then it just stopped doing what its meant to do. It wont play games. Most games on steam wont even begin to start and with physical copies of games I own I get a message s...

HELP, no sound

Just put together my new computer.Sabertooth x79 MOBORunning Windows 7 x64Gigabyte HD7770 Video cardI have no sound through the regular speakers. Can hear the speakers energize when the system boots, but no sound plays.Control panel shows that soun...

Boot up post question

Hey fellas i am coming to you in regards to a question with the post boot... I disabled the boot up image and disabled a couple of things to boost the start up time, But i am wondering how do you actually disable the post screen? Seeing it gives info...

z0ki by Level 10
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ASUS ROG G60JX Laptop Freezing

Hey everyone, I bought this g60JX Laptop on Newegg.com about a year ago, and its been working great and running any game I wanted very well. The other day it was running fine, and the next day I tried playing a game and after about 10 minutes or so t...

Socket 2011 Stepping C1 vs C2

I realize it is as much luck of the draw as anything unless you have a lot of chips to bin, and I have seen some threads where with IBE that chips are better depending on where they are manufactured. Do the C2 stepping typically overclock higher on l...

Menthol by Level 14
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Overclocking 3930k & Dominator 16GB 2133mhz.... HELP

Hey Ladies & Gents,I'm new to overclocking.I am looking for someone to assist me in advising some BIOS figures for my CPU & RAM in order to reach a "decent" overclock.I understand that no two systems are the same and parts differ ect....., but i'm no...

umad_ by Level 7
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