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NEED HELP ASAP!!! Problem with asus usb flashback

Hey guys, this is my first build and I haven't been able to get my motherboard to post for a week now. I have the rampage IV extreme and after finishing the build and trying to start up the led # display on the monitor posted 65 telling me there is ...

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Problem Maximus IV Extreme BIOS 3208 Help ME!!

Hello everyone I am having a problem the last update I did to my motherboard Maximus Extreme IV of the 4 sectors p67 pci exprees only recognize me first and I can not be croosfire as if he could before upgrading as well as the recognition of mentione...

9313 9314
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Overclocking an Asus X54H Laptop/Notebook

Okay, Hi guys, new member here, sorry if this is the wrong section but it has to do with Over-clocking so i figured here would be best.Okay, well first of all i got the Asus X54H Laptop for christmas this year, and im only now really getting round to...

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3770k issues with nvidia drivers

Hi Guys I have this odd problem . I recently changed my cpu in my rig from a 2600K to a 3770K . But my new cpu does seem to like any nvidia driver when I am using my GTX 550 Ti . Strangly enough works fine with an old 8800GT. My board is a Maximus IV...

xXx by Level 10
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Asus rampage iv extreme oc questions ?

This is my first time I build my own rig. I use ASUS R4E board with 64 gb ram @1600mhz installed having i7-3960x cpu, cooled by corsair h100. I load optimized defaults in bios first and then key in the following settings:turbo ratio (by all cores) = ...

ALEXCYT by Level 7
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SSD raid 0 question

I have a Mushkin SSD Chronos 60GB sata 3 Drive. I also have a Intel 330 ssd 60GB sata 3 drive.Mushkin MAX Read: 550 MB/s MAX Wright: 515 MB/sIntel 330 MAX read: 500 MB/s MAX Wright: 450 MB/sSo if i Raid 0 these drives, given they both have d...

Zero_exe by Level 10
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USB Transfer Speed

Hi,I don't know if i Posted this in the right forum, but...For some reason my computer's USB transfer speeds are ABSURDLY slow. Like, 60 -120 KB/second slow... It took my PC 15 minutes to transfer 121 MB! My system specs are in my signature.Any help...

4Strings by Level 10
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