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This desktop or an Asus G75

I am honestly torn between the two. The Specs of the desktop I would build are:Haf XM CaseSamsung Spinpoint 1tb Hard DriveAsus Crosshair V Formula MotherboardAMD FX-8150 CPUGTX 570 GPUG-Skill RipJaw 16gb DDR3 RAMCorsair pro series 750w PSUASUS VW246H...

Windows 7 Home Premium question

I know this probably don't belong here and someone will probably bitch, but I'm on my phone typing this and don't feel like searching a bunch of windows forums on my galaxy note. Here's my question. (1) I have the ASUS G75VW laptop with Windows 7 ho...

what should i do

hi guys, I am currently on 2500k, was thinking of upgrading to ivy with the maximus v forumla..but for not much more I can get a rampage iv extreme + 3820 cpu..decisions lol help me choose, future proofing the x79 would be better?

RonanC by Level 10
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G74sx sucks for Diablo 3....

G74sx -dh71 cant play diablo III worth crap. i dont know if it is just me but d3 on this laptop is the worst ive ever seen,...... i move good for 5 seconds then keep heitting lag spikes.. and on desktop that is no where near good plays it solid on...

Zimtix by Level 7
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Help! Random Microstuttering

Hello Everyone,I just assembled a new PC for a couple of weeks and I have noticed micro-stuttering/freezing when I am using the computer. It will usually last about 1-2 seconds and if there is audio streaming it will also stutter. I have been checkin...

abshih by Level 7
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Just a simple question, please?

Is it normal for an overclocked i7-3770K processor using an offset voltage to fluctuate between the idle speed and oc speed occationally without running games or programs. It will also do this just with turbo activated and no oc going. I continue to...

cholly by Level 7
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Asus G74-Sx Cooling pad recommendations?

I'd like to buy a cooling pad or something that will help keep my laptop keep even more cooler if any one have any suggestions, i dont care if its portable or not, if i have to nail down the cooling pad im fine with that haha i just want to keep my l...

should i upgrade my bios???

hey guyscurrently idk what to do...im goin to try to oc for the first time, but a guide said ti upgrade my bios to the latest version.i have the maximus iv gene-z/gen3 and is currently on the stock bios (first one), and im wonfering ig i should udpat...

tw23 by Level 7
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