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Where to mount my H60 cooler

Hi all,, I did have my Corsair hydro H60 mounted to the back of my rig and had to remove it and disassemble my hole rig to do some trouble shooting,, I'm about to refit the cooler can I mount it to the top of the case (HAF 912) like people do with th...

Nackers by Level 15
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Power supply recomendations

Hi Guys,I have come to the conclusion that I need to upgrade my power supply. Using http://support.asus.com/PowerSupply.aspx?SLanguage=en with my pc specs it thinks around 900W is needed. I currently have a 700W and my ROG machine keeps freezing dead...

awelect by Level 7
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indigo xtreme

well i got round to installing it...here are my thoughts:For starters its way way way too tricky to install acurately. There is absolutely no tolerance to miss judgement when it comes to sticking it down. If you get it even slightly off, forget it. I...

alyraver by Level 10
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Help with voltages for a cpu?

Hello all,I'm new to the world of overclocking. I'm really want to learn how to overclock a cpu!!Before I start with my question beneith is my config:asus sabertooth x79i7 3820scythe mugen 2 rev. b [cpu cooling]m4 crucial 128 gb corsair vengeance 160...

RL600 by Level 7
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Question about Digi+

So, I managed to find a nice spot for my CPU at 4.7Ghz with 1.365V, since 4.8Ghz already requires 1.410V to work properly. But, I noticed that since I left most of the options in Digi+ to Auto and noticed it sets things like CPU current capability to...

Luumi by Level 10
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Help with overclocking

I'm continuing a converstation with a fellow member from this thread:http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?20052-Cooling-liquids-question&p=139083#post139083As you can see we where discussing a few different things with my desktop, and the convers...

Picasso by Level 7
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i mean its totally fine right?

70c is fine for the cpu right? it's the first time i had this warning though ive been playing battlefield 3 for a tad 30-40 mins, and yep no oc whatsoever and running on stock fans


Help me choose

I decided to take asus maximus v formula but i accidentally ordered intel core i7 3770k instead of 3770k will i be able to overclock to 4 ghz and higher or i have to change it with k will i see an differences