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Right now I'm using a Best Buy POS case that's too small for my H100. The radiator is outside of the case and looks absolutely laughable the way I've got it mounted on a stick. I'm upgrading very soon. So far I'm torn between the HafX and the 650D. T...

Confused over sli+quad

Hi guys could you resolve a problem that I have.I have heard that the GTX670 will not run in a quad config on my Rampage IV Extremewhich seems strange to me:confused:Hope you guys can throw some light on this subject.Many thanksBG

Help booting for first time

Hi it is the first time i build pcWhen i power up the computer the motherboard light up and the mem ok led is flashing but nothing else works when i press the start button nothing happensI connected the dvi cable correctly and the 6 and 24 pin connec...

Thermaltake Water 2.0 Extreme @ 5Ghz?

ASUS Maximus V GeneOCZ Fatal1ty 1000W3770KWith 4 Delta fans at max speed for push/pull config.Would that be stable at 5ghz?I havent done this yet but just want to see some guess.

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Rampage IV Extreme Debug Code 41

Does anyone know what debug code 41 means?I'm booting into parted magic off of flash drive to run memtest on the new rig. Code 41 appears on the debug window while I'm in memtest and its running.Just curious, this code isn't listed in the user guid...

forcing resolution

Does forcing a resolution in the nvidia panel harm the video cards at all? I managed to force 2560x1600 through the nvidia panel it ran fine. Just wanting to know effects of doing this