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Asus ? WHY YU NO GTX-680m ???

I sent back my G75VW because it had a faulty slot memory, waiting to be refunded. Now I am wondering, there is other laptops on the market with the latest 680 (MSI, Alienware), but what Asus is waiting for ?I have been looking for their roadmap but n...

Rifain by Level 7
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G74SX-3de RAM Upgrade to 32gb

Good Morning Ladies and Gents:I bring before your infinite wisdom of the ROG Notebooks since it would surely surpass my own.I recently purchased 32gigs of DDR3 PC1333 ram to install into my laptop G74SX-3DE.Upon installation the laptop refused to boo...

Windows 7 GPU Widget

For the ASUS G75VW-BBK5, my Norton said, warning over 53 MB are being used for this file. Picture posted below of windows GPU clock. Is that bad for this computer. Sorry if this is in wrong section seemed like it would be right to me. Picture posted...

Need Advice on New Netbook

Hi,My sister's Macbook Pro's graphics card just died. Yes, it is the 2008 MBP with the defective Nvidia 8600M GT, and yes, I took it to an apple store for the free repair. But guess what? The laptop was bought 4 years, 1 month, and 2 days ago, that i...

4Strings by Level 10
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help with new system pls

hi all i am new to the pc world and have just built a new pc. i am not very up to date with the pc tech talk and am having trouble with the install of windows 7 on my system. i have a maximus v gene, 2600k, 16gb vengance ram, 120gb corsair force 3 ss...

please, help me chose psu...1500w

I am going to get a new psu, and i have narrowed it down to these 3. maybe some others, but these are common up here in the north globe..some differences between them...gear> 3930kGpus> 3 pcsOverclocked?... is the hellfire hot?Please let me know your...

Retired by Not applicable
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Rampage IV Extreme and OCZ SSDs

So yesterday I received my 512gb SSD, backed up my OS from my failing WD caviar black to restore onto the SSD. However when I plug the SSD in, it won't show up in the BIOS. No matter what settings I change, it just doesn't show up.I've changed all ...

Reethax by Level 7
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kinda dissapointed

so maybe its me, but im a little upset that my new p8z77-v pro came with a single band wireless card, and the lan seems unable to use a 5GHz frequency. dont get me wrong, so far no problems, but i guess i expected more. hell, my 2011 alienware laptop...

infamous by Level 8
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