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OC KEY PROBLEM! please help!

Hello good people.i recently purchased the maximus V Extreme got it set and nicely overclocked ofc. the only problem with the oc-key is that i cannot control it via keyboard. i press " ctrl + \ " and ... well... nothing...everything is connected prop...

mPCI-e combo card queries

hi, just about to get a Maximus V formula, and would also like to get an ssd. I cant seem to find any info on the spec of the mSATAport on the mPCI-e combo card. - Can it run at 6gb/s?

rwb97 by Level 7
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Thermal sensor cable and connector for hotwire

Hello fellows,I was playing around lately with my GTX680 DCII TOPs... realized that actually they're pretty bad overclockers as they came out of the box (just to clarify, they're one of the best cards out there, I'm unsatisfied just with their overcl...

Zka17 by Level 16
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Do you use USB BIOS Flashback?

Have you used USB BIOS Flashback or not, what do you think about it and how it can be improved? Do you own a board that doesn't have it and do you miss it?Thanks everyone!

X-ROG by Level 15
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team xtreem 2600mhz

long story short, I ordered some dominator 1866 quad channel 16gb ram for my RIVE from my favorite retailer, only to get a call today to tell me that they are actually not in stock as advertised and will have to come from the factory in taiwan, they ...

RonanC by Level 10
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