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CPU core temp variants

Hi guysim running an I7 990x CPU, i notice a 5-6 degree variant between the hottest and coldest coreis this normal ?Ive noticed it both @ stock and overclocked there seems to be a 5 to 6 degree difference between the highest and lowest coreit peaks a...

phase change coldboot ?

hi all,I ordered one of those Little Devils V10 Phase change cases, just wondering will I have any coldboot problems with a 3960x? + rampage iv extreme,should I be using the SLOW mode on the mobo? or is that only for l2n, the ld phase change is aroun...

RonanC by Level 10
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i7 3770 Overclock

Is it possible to overclock the i7 3770? How can I overclock it, even if it is just a little bit?My Motherboard is Asus Maximus V ExtremeCorsair 16 gb pentiumCorsair TX 750Asus GTX 680 2gbCorsair H80OS: Win 7 64-bitThanks!

SSD advice please (samsung 830 512gb)

Hi guysI'm running a rampage 3 extremeI have ordered a Samsung 830 ssd and plan to install this as a main drive on my PC I have been told ill need to set the bios to ahci ?What is this and where in the bios is it ?Secondly I'm also told to update the...

GTX 560 TI 448 Cores GPU Tweak Gaming Profile

Although I thought I followed the proper process to explore the OC limits to this GPU with; GPU clock, memory clock, combined clock and backing off the voltage, I am still getting some instability with this gaming profile (system freeze), which I wan...

Black4 by Level 8
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issues as of last 2 weeks

ill start off by saying whats in the pc and what i did.. and then this issues ive hadbuilt aug or sept 2012 amd-fx8150 asus crosshair v-formula rog mbasus amd raedon 7850 x2antec 1200 caseG.SKILL Sniper Gaming Series 16GB COOLER MASTER Silent Pro 100...

joshcha by Level 7
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EFI versus BIOS

Trying to restore a Windows 7 image after a boot manager problemRampage IV Formula MB with no hardware or BIOS changes since the creation of the image 9 days ago, but get the following error message. "The system image restore failed.Windows cannot r...


Can anyone tell me what`s the minimum height with the stand of this monitor?i`m trying to see if it will fit between my desk and speakers,got about 54cm clearance.thnks.

Florre by Level 7
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i7 920 with 7970DC2T Crossfired - Good idea?

So, I'm thinking that I would buy another 7970 DC2T card to go with my current one in CrossFire, would it work or would it bottleneck the i7 920? I'm running it at 4GHz on the CPU, and I plan to overclock both the cards at max like I did with my curr...

Towel by Level 7
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Software issue, help!

Hi, I am new to building and new to ROG. I built my first back in July. It carries Maximus V gene. All was good and well until a Kaspersky update happened. Every time at start up after the update, it became painfully slow, then the PDM.Keylogger aler...

henfai by Level 7
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