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Latest ROG Maximus XI Extreme BIOS is up

Hi Gang, Go to BIOS Tools EZ Flash 3 and take the internet update option, your machine will reboot back to the EZ flash app in Bios and then you can download and update your BIOS with ease.Fixes all the ultra fast over optimistic AI overclocking pro...

9900k OC, trying to make sense of it all

Hello fellow ROG overclockers,I’m a new overclocking, I am experiencing some difficulty and I like to tap into your breadth of knowledge and advice. I would appreciate your patience and understanding if I am breaking any unspoken rules.First the im...

R0x0r by Level 7
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Code EE Detect Memory - Asus Omega

Hello.Bashing my head against the wall here trying to fix this mess, every day on a cold boot the motherboard refuses to post stating a CODE EE which is apparently a 'future error'? What the hell does that mean? We bought 4266mhz RAM and they wont ev...

Maniacs by Level 7
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Switching MEMok button off (4266mhz ram)

iam switched mobo's, to rog strix Z390-I, iam using 2x 8gb gskill 4266mhz ramfirst time when i tried it was giving ram issue light in orange, it wasnt booting, i turned off memok button now its working perfectly, does that switch does anyting wrong w...

dsuOP by Level 7
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Can increase OC Multiplier

I am running an Asus ROG 10th Anniversary Mother Board. I have an Intel Core i7 6900K / 3.2 GHz processor and I am trying to overclock to 4 Ghz. when I increase my voltage to 1.2 and set the Multiplyer to 4 and tell it to sync all cores it does not w...

jbandes by Level 7
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Overclocking assistance

Hello everyone, Welp been trying to OC my 8700k with Asus z-370 a board and I feel like I have hit a wall. For as much as I try, I am completely stable at 4.7 ghz with vcore at 1.29V. I say "stable" because how stable can you actually be, right? I ca...

No VCore monitoring capability? X99 Strix Gaming

Hello fellow ROGers.I have a problem here.I've noticed that there is no vcore/vrvout etc. field in motherboard section of HWInfo64 for my Strix x99 Gaming. I've done some research and it looks like this mobo is somehow not capable of monitoring Vcore...