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Products of 2013?

So do we have any info on ROG motheboards this year? Looking for something that surpasses my rampage IV...hopefull still 2011 socket...perhaps bigger than e-atxWhat do you think the chances are of getting a mobo like this sometime this year?P.S. does...

Nekrage by Level 7
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CPU overclocking have troubles with XMP

Hey guys just wondering if i can get some help!Ive been trying to overclock my CPU between 4.2 to 4.4ghz with XMP the computer just blue screens after i enable XMP with overclocking, i use AI Suite 2 program then do CPU level up!I check my BIOS to se...

CROSSHAIR V and HAF X combo question

Does anyone know why device manager reports 8 Nvidia high definition audio devices and 1 realtek are present with the setup in question?There should be 1 Realtek on the board and maybe 1 Nvidia for the front panel I guess but I cant understand why th...

AMD E2-1800 to 2018.4 Mhz.

Oh sorry i´m wrong its 2018.4 Ghz. no 1715 Ghz. I have a hp laptop with e2-1800 and to open 15 tabs with chrome experiments came to 2018.4 Ghz.here test cpu-z:http://robertstar-robertc-robertc.blogspot.mx/2013/01/lleve-mi-e2-1800-20184-mhz.html?zx=50...

Need help with cooling and adding a Y for pressure.

I have my GPU & CPU under my current cooling. I just ordered a MOBO block, Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 120 Radiator, and want to add my RAM block to the loop. With all this I got my pressure to be 5.15 PSI. From looking at this chart of the D5 I see my ...

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Hartacus by Level 10
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Overclocking core i3 530

respected all i have core i3 530 with Asus P7p55 lx with 2x2gb ram @ 1333mhz and nvidia geforce gt 220 512mb kindly can any one help in overclocking to 4ghz with stock heat sink fan and normal chassis fan

computer won't boot into the bios

Hi, I've recently built a new computer from scratch. Everything was working fine and then all of a sudden the computer won't boot up and won't even go into the BIOS. I have no idea where to start in diagnosing and rectifying this problem. At the mome...

Need info on GPU temperatures, Custom WC loop.

Hi all,Can you tell me please, at what temperatures does it start getting dangerous for GPU'sI've put mine under water, (two 6870's (1 Sapphire and 1 Asus) but certain games (BF3 and MOH Warfighter) make them both run at over 95%Which gives me very h...

Granger by Level 10
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