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Overclocking assistance

Hello everyone, Welp been trying to OC my 8700k with Asus z-370 a board and I feel like I have hit a wall. For as much as I try, I am completely stable at 4.7 ghz with vcore at 1.29V. I say "stable" because how stable can you actually be, right? I ca...

No VCore monitoring capability? X99 Strix Gaming

Hello fellow ROGers.I have a problem here.I've noticed that there is no vcore/vrvout etc. field in motherboard section of HWInfo64 for my Strix x99 Gaming. I've done some research and it looks like this mobo is somehow not capable of monitoring Vcore...

Silicone Lottery, 7th Time The Charm

Been reading this forum for while now and I must say there is a crazy amount of good advice and knowledge when you start digging. Thank you guys for that.Alright. I put together my new rig during Christmas. But the benchmarks were not good enough. Si...

Tonyboj by Level 7
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Overclocking Asus IV Gene-Z/Gen3

I need somebody that has experience with this mobo or similiar.. I want a stable 4.5ghz overclock using offset, not fixed. What settings for digi control, pll cpu, all the settings, what should they be set to? Thank you!

deja42 by Level 7
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Overclocking Coffelake on Kaby Lake

Hi,I recently performed a coffee lake mode on my Asus Z270-WS motherboard and got it running with a 9700K. Only one problem. If I set 1.325v in bios I get 1.280 volts reported by software. Experimenting with AC DC load line but not sure what else or ...

4.2Ghz OC on 4770k reported by Windows as 0.8Ghz

Hi, Looking for a bit of help with something. I overclocked my 4770K to 4.2Ghz and the task manager reports the speed as 0.8Ghz, its not though as all other programs report at it 4.2Ghz (AIDA64 being my main monitoring program). Honestly doesn't both...

6700k 14 degrees temperature diferences.

Hy, i have a schynte mugen 5 rev. b and the first core is by 14 degrees celsius hotter then the third. I did like 5 times remounting the cooler and still the same temperature. What it could be? My cpu is overlcoked at 4.5 ghz and the motherboard is a...

PC Rebooting Before BIOS Entry

A couple weeks ago my custom loop's pump died and as such my rig locked up and shut off while I was using it. After replacing the pump, my PC entered a reboot loop every time I powered it on that day, rebooting almost every time a few seconds after t...

Brack by Level 7
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