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Maximus V Extreme + i7 2660k Voltage

Seeking, help from anyone who can assist & spare the time.Specs in my sig.The only way I seem to be able to get stable OC @ 4.6 is to set voltage in offset mode. Is this correct?However doing so results in a vcore of 1.565 which seems v high. I don't...

Graphics dilemmas on the Rampage IV Extreme

Hi Everyone,My 1st post. I have a few graphics config questions if anyone knows any answer?I have the Rampage IV Extreme that I received yesterday and I'm in the process of putting it all together. So far I've put the board, RAM, CPU and CPU air cool...

danno81 by Level 7
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How many mm of radiator do i need?

Hi,Im thinking of getting a system with an i7 3930k, 2 GTX 680s and a Rampage IV Extreme.If i were to watercool all of these components, how much radiator would i need? would 560mm be enough? (i will be overclocking heavily)Thanks

HarryM by Level 7
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need help with SLI settings

First off I would like so say whats up my fellow gamers :-). I have a question. My rig consist of - i7-3930K (6 core) - Asus Rampage IV Extreme mobo - 32gb 1866 DDR 3 Dominator GT Ram - Force GT 240gb SSD - (2) SLIed EVGA nVidia Geforce GTX 680 2gb D...

XMP profile is not running stable need some help.

so i have Geil Evo Two 16GB DDR3-2400 CL11 quad kit ( 32 GB )but when i run it on 2400mhz its not stable i tried also 2133mhz @ 9-10-11-30 (stable)so is there a way to get it at full speed stable any help would be appreciated.greetz from holland :con...

Jethoe by Level 7
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My asus g75 need help.

hello my name is kostya and I have bought my rog asus g75 computer about 6 months ago.This is defiantly a beast yet i have 2 problems that occured with it the last 2 weeks.The first problem is that my rog icon in the bottom of the screen is gone, iv...

Code 62 help

I wasn't sure where to post but I recently built a new rig. I used the asus maximus v formula and everything is fine. I can get to bios and even installed windows 8 on it. The problem is when I hook up my new gtx 680; I get the code 62 and wont post ...

khazdun by Level 7
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Touchpad problem

Hi , so i have a g74sx , the touchpad gives me problems, ive tried all versions, same issue . at times the mousepad becomes extremely unsensitive, that if i press really hard it could work , but even sometimes it doesn't work , it's out of warranty, ...