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New Asus Sabertooth Z77 build.

Hi all, built a new system this past holiday. Ever since having it finished I get a random shut down with a few seconds of the rig being off then it boots up on it's own. Turns fully off then restarts its self. I spend most of my time while on this c...

Why does my temps keep spiking at idle?

I have all my fans on low and my package temps stay at around 22C. Every 6 seconds my temp spike up to anywhere from 26C to 32C. I thought increasing the LLC would keep a constant voltage preventing this?I know some processes are running in the backg...

Hartacus by Level 10
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Best Asus 13" Ultrabook?

Hi all, I recently traded in my iPad 3 and iPhone 5 as I am going Android (Nexus 7, HTC OneX). I recently got a ROG G55 and I'm very impressed. I want to trade in my MacBook Air 13" 2012 model, and get an ultrabook instead because the ROG G55 is too ...

srmojuze by Level 10
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when idle @ 1600mhz my volttage won't go down...

I think i need to create another thread, can you help please , i just push my system to 4.2 ghz @ 1.162 volts , i just manually change the multiplier and voltage , i run it stable for 2 hours using prime95, but my problem is my voltage wont go down ...

niwrad33 by Level 7
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My Hopes for 2013.....

I am starting to contemplate upgrading my CHVF to the Z model and will end up upgrading my GTX560 to an AMD card(s). I had hoped to see the 8xxx series coming out, someone mentioned somewhere in the Forums that the 8 series was gonna be the 5xxx reba...

Best method for updating BIOS?

Hello,I am wondering what is the best method for updating BIOS?via OSvia BIOS via DOSand is it better to restore optimize defaults before updating, or it does not make any difference?If the recommended method was via USB flash drive. Is there a speci...

Mr_pOPo by Level 8
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