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ROG z370 HERO Started smoking after RAM swap!

Hi,I changed the ram from a 8gb kit to a 16gb kit with higher frequency, i fought the damn memory training for 30-40 minutes but no luck. I cleared cmos everything. The only thing that worked and got me to the BIOS was the LN2 mode. Then it worked fi...

kalle-m by Level 9
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9700K OC with Z390-E and adaptive voltage.

Hello guys, I need some help in finishing and understanding my almost ready 24/7 OCAfter doing the basic steps that are mentioned here on the board i was able to run a my 9700k @4,9 GHz (-2 AVX Offset). In detail this means doing the following change...

Message Signaled Interrupts (MSI) Question

Is it true that MSI mode is not really needed if the IRQ for the device is NOT shared by another device (Meaning the device has its own dedicated IRQ)? If this is true then it explains why my video card has MSI mode turned off when it has its own IRQ...

Plz Help

Hi guys i have just done a benchmark test and i have the results but i dont know is it good or bad so can someone help me plz. Asus ROG GL502VS. Core i7 7700hq ,16GB RAM DDR4, GTX 1070.Results: Sat Sep 21 201911:44:38Image Editing: 87811Time: 57.942E...

Javadeb by Level 7
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Maximus XI Hero BIOS parameters Q

Hello everyone, I recently updated my bios on the platform from the 0905 to 1005. As i was fixing my profiles since they get lost in every update i found that the CPU Current Capability parameter that used to be able to be set at 170% is now able to ...

DDR4-4400 vs 4133

Recent posts have discussed the point of overclocking DRAM -- what can be gained, what is the cost of trying to go too far and where is a reasonable sweetspot? In my competitive overclocking, I hadn’t considered those questions in enough detail to ...

73709 73710 73711 73712
jab383 by Level 13
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