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Video Hang/Hitching after CPU OC

I overclocked my 8700k to 4.7ghz 1.28v using the ASUS bios. All the relevant settings are correct. Power restrictions/throttling unlocked, LLC set to 5, cache frequency 4.4ghz. My ram is running 3000mhz 1.35v 16-16-16-38 set manually by the timing...

Z390-F & 4266 MHz RAM 2x8GB

Hello,I can't succeed to POST at 4266 MHz but at 4100 MHz only. I have tried to ioncrease the voltage over 1,45 Volt, but probably not more than 1,46 Volt, and, I know that the maximum allows to 1,5 Volt.The kit is from Corsair, the Vengeance RGB Pro...

High PLL 1.8v on C7H?

Hi!I noticed that my PLL 1.8v when overclocking rises to allmost 2.1v on auto. Ain't that high or something? I did drop it to 1.82v manually. I am not familiar what this voltage does exactly so if someone could lighten me a little.I didn't notice any...


i7 6700k 4.6GHz 1.350VASUS Z170 DELUXE32GB 4X8GB CMR32GX4M4C3466C16 run with 3000MHz 1.300v 15-16-16-39 2T run Stressapp test for 1 hour with no errorthis timing too loose?

Asus Rampage 3E + X5675 Overclock settings

Hi!Some infoBecause I never tried to overclock my old i7-930 I decided to invest a little more and I got a x5675 for overclocking (didn't want to damage my old cpu), so I decided to search for some info around and i came up with this settings.I just ...

Dampire by Level 7
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B450-f + Ryzen 5 3600 + Asus Aura

Firstly I'm running the 2406 bios.No matter what I do Asus Aura will not work, always crashes or doesn't load at all.And in the bios my cpu OC setting can't be changed from auto.

Luk3y by Level 7
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