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CrossFireX with AMD Beta Drivers

Hi,I just got a second XFX 7950 (900MHz) and set it up in CrossFireX with my first 7950...I completely un-installed all of my AMD drivers, restarted my machine, and then reinstalled Catalyst 13.1.I then installed the newest beta driver (13.3 Beta 3) ...

4Strings by Level 10
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Crucial 960gb SSD quality

I seen this ad for a 960 gb ssd. Would be nice to have, but what is the quality of the Micron controller is it worth the 600 bucks?http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2013/04/waiting-for-a-1tb-ssd-below-1-per-gb-crucial-says-wait-no-more/

samual by Level 11
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Stable LINUX for Maximus V Formula

Hi friends...I have MVF with 3770K and SSD.I want to install Linux on this motherboard. Today morning I have tried Ubuntu 12.10 on this board. Ubuntu Live detect my SSD truly but when I want to install Ubuntu it can't detect my SSD.Please help me wi...

General Consensus on Core Parking.

I'd like to know what the general consensus of disabling core parking on Windows 7. Does it make a system snappier, does it really benefit gaming on i7 CPUs provided the game is coded to take advantage of more cores?

maximus v extreme sata 3 connections

Hello all, this pc is my 5th build, I have a i7 3770k right now at stock. h100i cooler push pull, nzxt 810 switch case, 32GB Ram Kingston Blu(red covering) and a EVGA 670 gpu. The bios has not been updated to the latest update which is 704 I believe...

MsgAmmo by Level 7
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Marvell or Sandforce for mSATA SSD's?

I am just trying to figure out which is better/faster.I am look at a Mushkin with Sandforce controller and cheaper micron chips, and Plextor with a marvell controller with better toshiba chips. The read speeds are about the same, but the write speed...

Vicodin by Level 10
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Asus HD7970 DC2 Overclocking Issue

Hi guys, This is my first post here, I have finally built myself a gaming PC, which I've been wanting to do for years.I built it a few weeks ago here's what I'm running:Thermaltake Armor Revo Gene CaseThermaltake EVO Blue 750w PSUAsus Maximus V Gene ...

wogstaa by Level 7
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