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Nvidia GTX 660m

Hey there!I'm new to this, in fact you'll have to forgive anything I say wrong as I have no clue how overclocking is done.I have a brand new Clevo w350et and I usually play Smite. This is a fairly easy game to run, but even with an i5 and 8GB RAM it ...

H2F by Level 7
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Bsod 101

It weird all of a sudden all I am getting while attempting to overclock is a BSOD 101. No 124's which is what I am used to on my other board. I have tried numerous overclocks and am still getting that stop number. I suspect it is not VCORE but I coul...

Gnarly by Level 7
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Preview: ROG MATRIX HD 7970

What does the new MATRIX offer power users? Here’s a preview of new technologies the ROG MATRIX HD 7970 offers. We will bring you more details closer to launch, with availability due during Q3.For those that remember, or own the Radeon HD 7970 Direct...

X-ROG by Level 15
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2x1 issues

Hello guys I`m having some issues with my Asus G53sx that I bought last year at the end of january. In the first month I purchased the notebook I some problems with the default software that caused the pc to crash. A month later my brother accidental...

-DDKOX by Level 7
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Which BIOS

Hi Guys-Just curious as to which BIOS I should be running. I just set up another Rampage and it is running 1404. Just prior to the CAP change. Now I am thinking that the change in BIOS is mostly for Windows 8. I am not sure if it sensible and thus mo...

Gnarly by Level 7
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CrossFireX with AMD Beta Drivers

Hi,I just got a second XFX 7950 (900MHz) and set it up in CrossFireX with my first 7950...I completely un-installed all of my AMD drivers, restarted my machine, and then reinstalled Catalyst 13.1.I then installed the newest beta driver (13.3 Beta 3) ...

4Strings by Level 10
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Crucial 960gb SSD quality

I seen this ad for a 960 gb ssd. Would be nice to have, but what is the quality of the Micron controller is it worth the 600 bucks?http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2013/04/waiting-for-a-1tb-ssd-below-1-per-gb-crucial-says-wait-no-more/

samual by Level 11
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Stable LINUX for Maximus V Formula

Hi friends...I have MVF with 3770K and SSD.I want to install Linux on this motherboard. Today morning I have tried Ubuntu 12.10 on this board. Ubuntu Live detect my SSD truly but when I want to install Ubuntu it can't detect my SSD.Please help me wi...