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MAXIMUS HERO X / INTEL 8086K / Oc & temperatures?

Hi,i've set up my 8086K a while ago with a "low" OC at 4.85 / 1.24vcoreI could not achieve a 5GHZ oc even at 1.3 and maybe a setting was wrong somehow.I am know happy with what I got but still i was wondering if all is ok and if I should not try to p...

Asryan by Level 10
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Intel Performance Maximizer

Hey guys Can you Guide me on how to use the intel performance maximizer. I recently downloaded it but i get the pop-up(System Requirements Not Met) I also read the User Guide to the Maximizer tool, it say before your run this tool you have to set som...

AIO Pump RPMs Half Speed

Hi. I have my AIO pump (riing floe 240mm) plugged into the AIO header on my asus maximus x formula. The pump has been running at half speed because it was being controlled by the Qfan feature in the bios. I disabled the feature and set the monitor to...

Voltage and LLC question

Due to heat issues I have to run my 8700k at stock 4.4ghz 1.25v. I wanted to see if i could at least set it so it doesn't throttle to keep 95w TDP limit that is set when everything is on auto in the bios. This is my first time ever changing setting...

Help with undervolting FX-9590

Hi all,So it's summer and i live in a house that has no AC and is old wooden floor and its around ambient 32c spiked at 35c outside so cant tell what it is inside my room. And it only going to get warmer!Idle temp cpu 36c to 38cIm using a custom wate...

Laptop mobo vrm throttling

Hello all!I have an Asus FX504 with 8300h and a gtx1050ti.i have no issues with gpu cuz the games i play are mostly cpu intensive.initially when i bought my lap, the cpu was frequently hitting 85c, so i undervolted it and now it rarely crosses 70c.bu...