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tCore i9-9900k to high volt help pl

HelloPC Specs :Core I9 9900K Asus Prime Z390-ACorsair 3200 mhzThe CPU is running stock ad 1.4 voltage and it makes me scaredi don't want to overclock I just want a lower cpu voltage in the bios.Can some 1 pl tel me a normal safe voltage not to high n...

MMXMMX by Level 9
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VCCIO/VCCSA Unable to change voltage

Hi. I'm using a maximus x formula motherboard with an 8700k 4.7ghz 1.25vI initially changed the VCCIO/SA voltages to 1.1v and it is rock solid, this was before I upped the core clock to x47. After I raised the multiplier it was still stable, I just...

I9 9900K Maximus X Hero Adaptive Voltage

Hi there guys :).Back in December I decided it was time to upgrade my old rig (I7 2600k) and build a new PC with the following configuration:CPU: I9 9900k (P0 Revision) with Noctua NH-D15SMobo: Maximus X Hero RAM: Corsair CMT32GX4M4K3600C16GPU: EV...

RealBench Insisting I don't have Enough Ram?

New to RB and I'm a bit confused...Have a 3500U / Vega 8 / Win10 system with 8GB of ram (2 being dedicated to the Vega), yet RB won't run insisting I don't have enough ram even with no other programs open? Is this correct and Winderp is really using ...

boddole by Level 7
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Crashing on stable PC..

I've had this PC for a year now at 4.4ghz 1.25v. I noticed it was down clocking under heavy load to maintain the 95w TDP so i just unlocked all that stuff, turned off speed step. Ran realbench and it crashed at 10 mins. Never had stability issues ...

Base Temps for a Noctua DH-15S on a 4790k?

I recently installed this after finding my water cooler too loud. It seems this fan even on low airflow is a bit louder than I wanted... But as a sanity check I thought I'd talk to others first. My base temps are in the 40-45C range. On my watercoole...

RedIron by Level 7
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Reinstall BIOS (not update) Safe?

So I proceeded to update the BIOS of my Gryphon z87 in order to use the 4790K CPU. I did so on the usual manner using EZ flash 2, then installed the CPU but the board gave me a CPU error and couldn't boot.Reading a bit it seems there's only one way t...

Dogway by Level 7
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