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I was thinking of upgrading again.

Is this a good price and setup Intel Core i7 Processor i7-4770K 3.5GHz 8MB LGA 1150 CPU, Retaili7-4770kbx $706.99Combo $706.99 Asus MAXIMUS VI EXTREME LGA1150/ Intel Z87/ DDR3/ CrossFireX & 4-Way SLI/ SATA3&USB3.0/ WiFi/ A&GbE/ ATX Motherboard Kin...

meankeys by Level 13
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3dMark Initiates Windows Crash Loop

Hello everyone,I have been trying to increase the performance of my ROG rig I built several months back, finally got the time to try. I followed Chino's guides on here to overclock my 3570K to 4.5 GHz. After running Prime95 for 20 minutes it seemed t...

JTTRI by Level 7
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Power failure when updating BIOS

Yesterday just after I received the motherboard Rampage 4 gene, and finally finished setup my hardware, I noticed the BIOS version was 3602 and the newest was 4004. Then I used one USB flashdisk to update the bios, when the guy in another room screwe...

tedorg by Level 7
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ASCDDMI.DLL error, and wrong language in RC TweakIt

Trying to run the ROG Connect software. Everything loaded fine on the main system.Remote system is giving the error, so I can't use the CD to load the software.Tried downloading the DLL from the internet, still didn't work. I extracted the \Software\...

PCH Fan issue

my computer specs,CPU 3960 i7 extreme editionMotherboard asus rampage iv exremedual gtx 690power supply evga 1500Ram 4x8gb = 32gb corsair cmd32gx3m4a1866c10 DominatorNZXT Kraken x60 280 water coolingmy problem is my PCH fan was working before i close...

CiNCiTy by Level 7
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New Intel LinPack failure IBT & LinX v11.0.2.006

Hello,I just updated my LinPack binaries in LinX v0.6.4 and IBT by AgentGOD v2.54 to LinPack v11.0.2.006 apparently released 1/30/13. Upon running it it quickly failed. LinX shows the first line as usual, but also shows the second line "#" & "Size" p...

A question regarding cooling.

My question is with regards to fan control and temperature.I have three case fans two intake and one exhaust and my H100i also set up as intake. My CPU does not get over 70 deg @100 % load at 4.6 GHz. That is not the issue.The issue is what to use.I ...

JimmyH by Level 10
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L3gendary Gamng // Gaming Sponsorship

To the potential sponsor this could be a great and beneficial opportunity for both parties involved:My name is Norma Quinones, I am a representative of L3gendary Gaming an up coming Pro Gaming Team and I am also a member. L3gendary Gaming is a profes...

Overclock check

Hey, just did my first OC, bought the pc already overclocked and it wasnt stable at my temps (pc kept restarting randomly) because the company tested the OC with 10° less ambian temps. Anyway, here are the screeens, if you guys could check if i'm not...

quakeas by Level 7
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