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oc-cant get my head round it

hi, i have a k-series chip and don't know how to overclock and from what most rog members say "don't use AI tuner"Will it have a big performance on games as i have heard most games only utilise two of the four cores. my pc is strictly for gaming. you...

mob_bob by Level 7
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Struggling with 4670k OC

Hi, long time lurker here!I'm having some issues with my 4670k OC at the moment. My volts are at a flat 1.25 in bios (1.264 idle / 1.280 load cpuid) and the multiplier is at x44. p95 has been going for 90 mins so far with max core temps ranging from ...

evoke by Level 7
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https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.605587316141440.1073741845.185208368179339&type=1Coming to Australia in August...hopefully someone didn't break an NDA posting this haha :cool:Unfortunately no price as of yet, though allegedly @ $500 mark......

Help with downgrading windows 8.

So I bought my ASUS G75VW, my first ASUS ever & I fell in love with it. Problem is it has Windows 8. Windows 8 is pure garbage & a useless OS. A piece of ****! I hate it with a passion worst thing Microsoft ever put out but that's just me. My opinion...


i am looking for a fan that has a reverse mode so on start up say it will blow most of the dust out of the intake vents on the case so they do not have to be cleaned as often if ever any ideas of how i could get this to work or aff fans that would wo...

dj5436 by Level 7
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TURBO BOOST overclock core i5 2500k

if the 2500K is 3.3 GHz (3.7 GHz with Turbo), I would like to know how to raise the limit to 4 GHz turbo boost I have MAXIMUS IV GENE-Z/GEN3 plate with UEFI BIOS.I get into the bios but not to play for no fuss jajajja.thank you very much in advance.

dren75 by Level 7
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ASUS Maximus Hero - Boot UEFI Problem

Hi, this is a new build with spec mentioned below:Maximus Hero 1150i7 4770KCorsair Vengeance 8GB 1600MHzCorsair H60SEIntel SSD 520 120GB (from older machine) and 1TB WD Black Edition ATI HD6870 XFX Black Edition (from older machine)Creative ZxCorsair...

G75VW added bluray question

I added a compatible internal blu-ray player for my G75VW. Software has no problem playing a bluray, but when I use WinxDVD Bluray ripper to attempt to copy dvds I own to my Ipad, i get an error cannot read disc. Am I missing a driver or something ...