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Is there anything wrong

Alright, a normal CPU, well my CPU being an i5 4670, starts off and sits around 3.4 GHz then under load hits 3.9 GHz.Well, I have overclocked it to 4.6 GHz and even when it's not under load, it remains at 4.6 GHz, is there anything wrong with that.

JimmyH by Level 10
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A question regarding the 7970's TDP limits

Hi, I am wondering if it is safe to override the 300W TDP limit (250W + 20% Power Limit) of 7970s if heat is kept under control. I have full coverage waterblocks on both the core and VRMs, so temperatures stay well below throttling levels. Only the T...

Delitus by Level 9
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New build sound problem.

Hi guys,I've often lurked in here and in fact your comments were a big influence on my decision to get a Crosshair V Formula Z motherboard and FX8350 CPU. One of my better decisions, thanks very much. I have 8Gb of Corsair RAM running at 1866 and a ...

RealBench - The power of an SSD

So i got some new toys today from Kingston HyperX a nice new 16GB set of HyperX Beast ram and a 240GB HyperX SSD, so last night in anticipation i lowered my CPU down to 3.6 from 3.7 so as to make sure i could bench effectively with no issues after up...

24180 24182 24183
Chewitt by Level 10
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