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Possible mobo problem or something else?.

Hi again folks, seem to be having another frustrating problem, I have my rig finally put together and running but I'm having crazy low framerates in almost all games, some games work fairly fine others like crysis 3 hitman absolution do not, Problem ...

unix43 by Level 7
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Memory question ddr ddr3 @667mhz ?

Memory16,384 MBModule 18,192 MB Kingston DDR3 @ 667 MHzModule 28,192 MB Kingston DDR3 @ 667 MHzHiabove is the result when I ran 3d mark on performance mode.is the memory used indicated by that speed ?http://www.microdirect.co.uk/Home/Product/55821/Ki...

mob_bob by Level 7
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2nd Top fan won't run when using Windows 7

I've recently updated my bios and Asus Suite 2 and tried the Fan Expert Mode 2 using the auto feature. After assigning the fan position and saved, i notice that only 1 of my top fan start running and the other is not on my casing. When i restart the...

Need help, having odd issues

Build:Intel i7 4770kASUS Maximus VI Hero8GB (4x2) G.Skill Ripjaw X-series.EVGA GTX 780 Rosewell 1k watt PSU.Samsung 840 128gb SSD.First issue: Not sure where in bios this setting is as I have changed many to no avail but the (Hit DEL or F2 to enter ...

Rampage 4, 3930K, Antec H2O 920 - CPU getting to hot

Hi guys,I'm really no pro when it comes to oc and maybe I'm doing something wrong.I want to oc the 3930k. Have changed the "by all cores" setting in the bios to 43 and 45 for the multiplier.Set LLC to HighXMP enabled (running 2133MHZ Memory)So far so...

Daniel84 by Level 7
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ASUS G73JH-BST7 NO SOUND!!! Need Help.

Okay so we just got in this laptop for a good price of 150. It has already Previously been taken apart everything works except the sound. It wont detect the speakers.tried the Creative Drivers from the asus driver disc for this model.worked on all ki...

z87 board for 2-way sli (air cooled) and a soundcard

hi,what would be a good asus mobo for two way sli with gtx 770s and a essence st soundcard. I was looking into the maximus hero, but i i think if i were to put in two gpus and soundcard it would compromise the cooling of the gpus, maybe i'm wrong if ...

The Wonderful Journey in the world of ROG RealBench

I recently got my hands on an Asus Maximus V Extreme and a 3770k. Lately I was benching on the RIVE, so I kinda forgot how to tweak the Z77 platform... I have decided that I will start tweaking/re-learning and checking the results with ROG RealBench!...

24029 24030 24031 24032
Zka17 by Level 16
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Psu wattage

Hi,I need a psu for my upcoming rig.Internals:Intel core i5 4670k (will overclock as much as possible)Corsair H100iMSI Z87 GD65 gaming motherboard2x EVGA gtx770 classifiedAsus xonar st soundcardCorsair vengeance pro 16gb (2 DIMM) 1600 mhzSamsung 840 ...