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Will a generic battery work with a asus laptop?

I bought an Amstron replacement battery for my Eee PC 1015PN and it takes two days to charge : http://wwww.caccu.nl/asus-eee-pc-1015pn-batterij.html . Is this typical of new laptop batteries? Do off-brand batteries not work well with asus? What shoul...

Computer shuts off, fans run at 100%, while playing games

My computer just recently (yesterday), is shutting off either when I launch or play a game. This has never happened before. I can watch youtube, and browse the web fine. When the computer "shuts off", i can hear the fans running at 100%, and the scre...

Dood76 by Level 7
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I just got home from work and downloaded it and made my first ever run with my 24/7 settings, cpu @4600 offset voltage, power savings all on and gpu's on standard bios, factory settings, no tweaks on anything. Maybe make some runs this weekend

Menthol by Level 14
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raid 0 dosen't use the hole space

hi,I wondered if its normal when I have a 1TB HDD and 2x 256GB SSD combined into a RAID 0 that it dosen't give me the hole storage capacity. ( Now it says it only has 700 GB instead of nearly 1500GB)

Possible mobo problem or something else?.

Hi again folks, seem to be having another frustrating problem, I have my rig finally put together and running but I'm having crazy low framerates in almost all games, some games work fairly fine others like crysis 3 hitman absolution do not, Problem ...

unix43 by Level 7
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Memory question ddr ddr3 @667mhz ?

Memory16,384 MBModule 18,192 MB Kingston DDR3 @ 667 MHzModule 28,192 MB Kingston DDR3 @ 667 MHzHiabove is the result when I ran 3d mark on performance mode.is the memory used indicated by that speed ?http://www.microdirect.co.uk/Home/Product/55821/Ki...

mob_bob by Level 7
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2nd Top fan won't run when using Windows 7

I've recently updated my bios and Asus Suite 2 and tried the Fan Expert Mode 2 using the auto feature. After assigning the fan position and saved, i notice that only 1 of my top fan start running and the other is not on my casing. When i restart the...

Need help, having odd issues

Build:Intel i7 4770kASUS Maximus VI Hero8GB (4x2) G.Skill Ripjaw X-series.EVGA GTX 780 Rosewell 1k watt PSU.Samsung 840 128gb SSD.First issue: Not sure where in bios this setting is as I have changed many to no avail but the (Hit DEL or F2 to enter ...