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Keyboard not detected issue :X

Hi all,I've been having some issues with my computer lately and it's been driving me insane.Essentially, I'll turn my computer on in the mornings or after work and I'll turn it on to get "Keyboard not detected" while the computer starts up. My keyboa...

Kerman by Level 7
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Major Boot problem

Hi all,Today i tried to update my bios from 0403 to the latest version using the flashback method where by you download the .rom to .cap coverter and place that on a usb and initilize the covert by placing usb into the ROG white usb 2.0 slot then hol...

Do I need a RAID

Hi all,I have some doubts, and need help. I have two Plextor 256M3 SSD, conected into RAID 0, I know that when one drive fails (for any reason), I'll lose all my data. Considering this kind of "danger", I would like to know if I really need an RAID ...

Smiki007 by Level 10
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Having a strange issue with my hardware

Hey everyone. Okay, so got a problem. In short: My desktop computer is messed up. I've tried to find a precident, but there's always one or two things different with their problems. Frankly, I'm stumped and have no idea what stupid thing I've done.At...

ElderOne by Level 7
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Use old hdd disk for a new build

Hello guys,Am building a new amd based pc for my nephew and i want to use a hdd i used before in another(intel) build. Is this possible?? If it is, how can i format the hdd completely?? THANKS

Rampage IV Extreme with 3930k, cant get past 4.4 Ghz!

Thanks for the nice guides here in the forum, it has been a couple of years since the last time I was into overclocking, but now I feel updated again.I think I got a pretty good feeling for how offset voltage works.My rig is a Corsair 800D with water...

Bateman by Level 7
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Sabertooth z77 small fan problem

Hi, Over the last couple of days i have noticed the small fan on my sabertooth z77 takes half a minute to a minute to turn off when i shut my system down. I would just like to know if this is normal or not.system specs:Processor: Intel® Core™i7 Quad ...

starfer by Level 7
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