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9700kf undervolting

Hi there guys.I just made my new long awaited build and trying to undervolt cpu to reduce temps a bit. Here is my settings:Multiplier: AutoXMP: XMP IIAVX: 0MCE: AutoSVID Support: EnabledVCCIO: 0.95VCCSA: 1.05Long Duration Package Power Limit...

Realbench OpenCL ERROR: clGetPlatformIDs

Just tried Realbench on my brand new AMD Ryzen 7 3700X system and it consistently gives an error:OpenCL14726KSamples/sec: OpenCL ERROR: clGetPlatformIDs(-1001)Any ideas?JonathanCPU:AMD K17 - Speed:3592.7 MHz - Multi:36.0 - Bus:99.8 MHzRAM: - 16GB - M...

jheales by Level 7
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5.1 Ghz 9700K, 1.3v

https://imgur.com/a/V8r19eEI just got my new 9700K and Z390i motherboard working, and the CPU is currently fully stable under gaming all day and Intel extreme tuning utility at 5.1 Ghz, 1.3v, LLC 6, and -3 AVX offset.Interestingly my previous 8700K I...

bhavvv by Level 7
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Bios Broadwell OC on Win 10

HelloAs you know there is a big problem for Broadwell OC after that crap update....I got 6950x on Rampage V E10 and I heard that you can get a BIOS from Asus that is named beta and unlocks OC. I ask here because I can get faster reply. Also I bought ...

Zaki by Level 8
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rog strix z390e overclocking bios settings?

Hello,I assemled my new PC:rog strix z390e, rog strix rtx2080s a8g, g. skill tridentz 8gbx4, i9 9900k, ssd 970 pro 1tb.I am awaiting for your recommendations about rog strix z390e overclocking bios settings, step by step in details.

ROG z370 HERO Started smoking after RAM swap!

Hi,I changed the ram from a 8gb kit to a 16gb kit with higher frequency, i fought the damn memory training for 30-40 minutes but no luck. I cleared cmos everything. The only thing that worked and got me to the BIOS was the LN2 mode. Then it worked fi...

kalle-m by Level 9
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9700K OC with Z390-E and adaptive voltage.

Hello guys, I need some help in finishing and understanding my almost ready 24/7 OCAfter doing the basic steps that are mentioned here on the board i was able to run a my 9700k @4,9 GHz (-2 AVX Offset). In detail this means doing the following change...

Message Signaled Interrupts (MSI) Question

Is it true that MSI mode is not really needed if the IRQ for the device is NOT shared by another device (Meaning the device has its own dedicated IRQ)? If this is true then it explains why my video card has MSI mode turned off when it has its own IRQ...