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Asus Matrix 7970 Fan Question

Hey there,I have an Asus Matrix 7970 Platinum. My question is, when I'm in GPU Tweak, only Fan 1 is spinning under Auto Mode. This is the same even when I am playing a game. Now, when the card starts to heat up, the second fan kicks on and then turns...

Updating Audio driver ASUS G75VW

Hello guys having a small problem here!While watching youtube my videos just randomly stops . I've sorted out the plugins with flash and all my drivers are up to date BUT my audio driver. I used " Driver whiz" and it found that my audio driver is out...

G750jx-TB71; 120hz?

does anyone know if the tb71 model of the G750 is 120hz?or alternatively, could someone tell me what displays are considered 120hz on xoticpc for the asus display upgrades (if any, none are marked 120hz).

_trs_ by Level 7
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i really like the azio levetron mech5 keyboard but it is not fully back lit is there a way i can mod it or what is the cosest one to it that is fully back lit

dj5436 by Level 7
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Need help on Asus Rog impact itx headphone amp.

I have a problem driving my beyerdynamics dt880 250ohm headphone with this newly released board. Im not sure where the issue is, im alre at max volume and the sound is awful. I read that it has a builtin lm4562 amp that can drive up to 600ohm headset...

jango by Level 7
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BIOS Secure Drive Erase?

I remembering hearing that some Asus Haswell motherboards would have secure drive erase. I wanted to know if this is only for the ROG motherboards or if others support it as well? I was particularly interested in if the Gryphon supported it. Than...

danjw by Level 10
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Which Fan/ Aftermarket cooler for I5 3570k

Hi all, Bought myself a maximus gene z-77 i5 3570k and 8 gig g.skill 1600mhz ddr3. and an asus dcii 670 as i was sick of not being able to play BF3 maxed on my old rig.So for most of you lot prob not the best set up but basically was what I can affor...

Prof1980 by Level 7
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Maximus V Electric Current...

Hello,I'm looking to upgrade the fan of my cpu cooler, a Cooler Master 212 EVO. My question is about the amperage ability of the CPU fan PWM connector on a Maximus V Formula. The stock fan is 12V & 0.37A, and it keeps falling under the 600rpm alarm s...

sk00ld by Level 7
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System Shut down on heavy load

New build as of today...Asus Crosshair Formula-Z MotherboardCorsair Dominator Platinum 8x2gb 1600mhzSamsung 840 Pro 256gbAMD FX 8-Core CPU 4ghzXFX R7950 3gb Double Dissipation Video CardTR2 RX 750W Bronze Power SupplyThermaltak Overseer RX-I Full Tow...

Cybrex by Level 7
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