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First Look Pics: ROG Poseidon VGA

There was no information on the ROG FB Page, so I can't copy in any info for you guys...but what do you all think of it?Personally....I WANT ONE!!! :cool: I'm going to be working on building my 1st scratch build project, a test bench *hint hint ASUS...


Hello. I just got an ASUS g750jx-tb71. Sku is as0173318 at compusa (tiger direct). I was reading somewhere here on the site that I should upgrade the laptop with an SSD drive and use the HDD as a storage device.I called ASUS and asked them if the lap...

New block?

Have an EK supreme HF at the moment and was doing a bit of reading up today ahead of thinking about getting a new block to try out...http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?285753-CPU-water-blocks-roundupEK supremacy does very well overall...

Gtx 770 Windforce waterblock help?

Alright guys i am trying to run three in tri sli in my new rig but two out of the 3 are getting way to hot for me.so i am trying to find a water block that might work. i would rather not go with a universal one. I am looking for the full card types a...


[ASUS G75VW] Which SSD ?

==================ENGLISH (sorry for my faults)=====================Hello,I wanna purchase an Asus ROG G75VW. I found the model T1466h in a "shop" called Boulanger, in France.Link : http://www.boulanger.fr/portable_asus_g75vw-t1466h/p_65558_620966.ht...

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Help with Display driver

Hey,I have had the G53S laptop for a few years now, and have recently updated to the latest GeForce 320.49 driver, and it ran smoothly for a few days, however recently I've been getting pink lines across my screen, regardless of what program I am run...

G46VW Dies Ramdomly

ASUS Intel Core i5 8GB Memory 750GB HDD 14" NotebookWindows 7 64-Bit G46VW-BHI5N43My sister bought this laptop to take to college a couple of months ago. The only mod that was done was a hard drive replacement, I changed the default spinning disk to ...

Inadverdant Clock Change

In my tweaking of a Haswell 4770k, I somehow must have enabled some power saving feature as my Clock (Core#0) winds down to a Core Speed of 800.0MHz from a Multiplier of x 8.0 at a Bus Speed of 100.0 MHz, though it does crank up to 4200 when pressed ...

Best SSD to add to my G750JX

This is a dumb question but I want to get the best for my buck. I just purchased my new G750JX and want to add a SSD drive to it. I was looking at the Samsung 840 EVO or 840 Pro are those good and will they work well with my model?

electrician wanted

Hello..does anyone know how many amp/12v you can run through a fan cable? ( i think they are about 1,4mm each in diameter).Considered safe, without blowing up..It depends on the wire i know, but in general.. a rough number?, a common fan cable..

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