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internet Problems with maximus v formula

Hi,I have started having internet issues with my PC (specs bellow) sometimes randomly it wont load webpages and YouTube videos will stop loading/playing randomly. I seem to have a hard time connecting to game server but once connected I get a continu...

asus g112 customization

hi, i get this mouse from my brother, asus rog g112 gaming mouse, and when i do a search on asus support sites there is no model of my mouse.i wanted to customized 2 of the customizable key, but cant find anything, please help.

ooi001 by Level 7
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Subzero sense 2 alerts

Hello,I'm having some problems with my Rampage IV Extreme and I was hoping someone would have an idea what's going on. I get constant alerts with Subzero sense 2, showing the temperature of around 6400C, which can't be right. My Ai Suite II is up to...

Artur92 by Level 7
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Eyefinity problems with win8 64bit

3 monitor setup, one connected by dvi, one by a mini display port and the one causing problems is connected by HDMI. All the monitors are the same brand / model and I swapped monitors around to rule them out. Screen resolution is set at 5760x1080Pro...

will_s by Level 7
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1600 Mhz memory modules are forced to 1333Mhz

HelloI built my custom PC like week ago. So UEFI BIOS was new to me and I started looking around in there and saw that my 1600 MHz memory modules are forced to 1333 MHz. Changing the frequency to 1600 MHz ended up with blue screen after Windows start...

Multiplier dropping automatically

I'm fairly new to overclocking...ok, I'm very new to overclocking. I just got my new box running with a R4E and a 4930K. I wanted to make sure I was running stable before I started overclocking so its been running at stock speed for the last week. Sa...

Bugsy by Level 7
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SSD Boot Drive in Asus G750 JW (Help me)

About a week ago I purchased a new G750 to replace my old laptop, and I'd like to say it is amazing and I've loved the laptop since. But there is one ongoing issue that I've not found a fix for even after googling. I've got a OCZ 256 GB Vertex 4 SSD ...