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Suggestions to solve black screen with new graphic card

Purchased Asus Matrix HD 7970, installed it. Fans worked but I didn't connect it to my screen because in needed to clean up some wires first. Removed the card to fix the wiring and installed it again. Now, the fans did not move. Connected the card to...

runest by Level 7
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Asus p5n-d video problems

greetings I have a problem with a mobo p5n-d all turned fans do not notice any beeps probe the video card memory and the pwer suplly in another motherboard and it works perfect q only thing I have not tried is the cpu the problem is q all light turns...

be quiet or not be quiet this is the problem

i want to change my psu and i have see two power supply unit 1) be quiet dark power pro 10 1000w 2) be quiet power zone 1000w3) corsair ax760i 4) cougar gx v2 g1050 5) xfx pro series 850w full modulari accept hint for my first modular PSU!!!

Two SSD's in RAID0 worth it?

I currently have two Samsung 256MB 830 Series SSD's in RAID0. I plan to replace it with a single Samsung 512MB 840 Pro Series SSD. Will I notice lower performance? Or since the RAID0 is software based it won't make any difference? Thanks.

perseid by Level 7
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Rampage IV Extreme boot problems

Hey guys,I'm having some issues with booting. About 2 days ago I was overclocking i7 3930K to 4.4GHz, everything was fine during and after stability tests, the temps on the cores didn't go over 70.However yesterday it randomly shut down. The system t...

Artur92 by Level 7
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A simple easy small o/c needed

Dont want to fiddle with voltages etc, just want to take my machine up to 4GHz.its a 17 4770K on a maximus hero VIbasically heading into summer and it will be HOT, come winer maybe give it more thenbut for now just a simple o/c

will_s by Level 7
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rampage IV extreme OC not booting

First off, I'm new at computer building and have had no formal tech training. I decided I was going to do my first build, and after researching parts/speeds/quality I ordered the parts and embarked on a journey clearly over my head, lol. My issue, th...

motox by Level 7
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7808GHz Super PI 32mil Crosshair-Z

Hardware AMD FX 8350 @ 7808MHzG Skill RipjawX @ 2650MHz 8-9-8-24Crosshair V Formula-Z Enermax 1200 MaxrevoSuper Pi 32mil AMDThe obligatory frozen picturesWhat the hardware looks like at the start of a benching session.And here the afterAny minute now...

26891 26901 26893 26902
HiVizMan by Level 40
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Fequency listing in RealBench resuts thread

I am seeing my Frequency listed as 2220 MHz in CPU-Z. All listings (Intel and AMD processors) range 3400 to 5400 MHz in the leaders board charts. Am I looking at the proper reading? Am I not set up correctly? Thank-you.


Newbie wants to overclock and needs advice

Hi all, I've been running my PC for a few months now at stock frequency (3.9GHz) without any issues, very stable and satisfied. But now I'd like to start testing overclocking it as much as possible without compromising stability. My system:- ASUS P8Z...

perseid by Level 7
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