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Rampage IV Extreme 4403 overclocking guide help

I just finished building my system and been reading for weeks on over clocking. I'm only getting more confused at this point.. lolMost of the videos and tutorials that I see with the rampage iv extreme are of an older version. My bios option are simi...

Flatline by Level 7
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Placement of 780 reference and ACX cooler in SLI?

So I have my 780 Classified with ACX cooler in my case now and should be getting my 2nd 780 in next week. The second card is the reference blower cooler while the other card is the ACX cooler which is basically 2 fans on the bottom side of the card(l...

TV Tuner/Video Capture Card w/ASUS G750JX-RB71

Hello everyone let me first explain my situation.I'm dorming with a roommate however we are both interested in the game Battlefield 4.As far as I'm aware this game is not split screen so 2 TVs and 2 Consoles are required in order play together regard...

Asus Blue Ray Writer

1. Anyone else have the BW-12B1ST/BLK/G/AS ?In new build (below), when I put the Asus MoBo CD in and it spun up, it sounded like a leaf blower. Other installs haven't been as bad but it is a clickety / noisy thing .... Is this normal ?2. Can't the...

Warranty Issue UK

Hi all,sorry if this has already been posted, I searched the forums and checked the first couple of articles but couldnt see anything that specifically covered my issues.I bought an ASUS Crosshair V Formula motherboard exactly 24 months ago on Amazon...

jpe4ever by Level 7
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Unable to post

I am unable to upload a screen shot Says file invalid BTW I love this benching software but Is the stress test good enough to call your system stable?I have to run a slower clock using Prime due to heat than this one