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Is my overeclock causing system wide lag?

Ive noticed recently that my computer has a slower response time for doing just about everything; opening folders, applications, even games are somewhat laggy. I overclocked my ram to the advertised spec of 3200 and I overclocked my TR-2950x for all ...

Core i9 9900KS

I just purchased the parts I need for a new build. I'm running a 9900KS and a Z390 Maximus XI Formula. This is my first ever ASUS motherboard, so I'm not familiar with the BIOS. I still need to build the system, but was hoping people here could hel...

AMDGuru by Level 7
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ROG Maximus XI Extreme BIOS parameters

Hello everyone,Have a few questions about certain BIOS parameters. Use this board with BIOS 0805. Run an i9 9900k @ 5GHz all cores, stable at 1.225V and Prime95 29.6 build 2 all runs without AVX, AVX2. Temperature technically I lie at 4K FFT size @ 1...

9900 ks + Asus x - hero Z-370 WIfi results

good day guys just posting my updated asus x hero z-370 + 9900 ks results i passed 8 hrs of asus real bench with - 5 ghz all core - 4.7 ghz cache - @ 1.25 v manual vcore - load line level 6 - 0 avx ofset- 4.7 ghz cache i passed prime 95 small fft...

AMD 3900X overclock - BIOS or Ryzan Master?!

Hey guys, I'd like to get the maximum out of my 3900X - looking into a min. 4,3 or 4,4 GHz overclock. I know it is like lottery though.I have never overclocked a AMD. I have seen various youtube videos about BIOS settings but also about people using ...

Big Wins for Team Asus

For those interested the final round of HWbot's Road to Pro Challenge Series concluded with Team Asus taking 3 of the top divisions. Jab33 with an epic two division wins and yours truly with one. In the 6 core event Jab placed 2nd and I placed 3rd - ...

tt0ne by Level 9
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Ram under performing.

Hi all , i recently upgraded my pc , i have a strix B250 F board , i7 6700 cpu @ 3.40 GHz , ram is corsair DDR4 2x8 GB 3000 mhz , i ran bench my pc and it reported back the ram is performing below potential at 2133 MHz and to ensure xmp is enabled...

moss99 by Level 7
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