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2400 mhz trident x memory question

Hey guys, I have an overclocked i7 4770k @ 4.5 ghz (1.25 volts) and did have my memory @ 2400 mhz XMP profile and everythingseemed to run ok.I did stress tests with aida64 and mem test and passed it. I do alot of 3D work in maya and while i was rende...

Dmarko by Level 7
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Maximus IV Extreme-Z MotherBoard help

Hi, I made a bad mistake and tried removing one of my graphics cards from the motherboard but failed to disconnect the retainer clip and have therefore pulled the PCIe clip off from the mother board and have exposed the connector pins. Am i able to h...

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Hue-Z by Level 7
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How's this overclock looking?

Updated to 4503 bios and re-did my overclock. Set to 2133mhz following my spd info in bios, and wondering how this looks? should i be using 1T over 2?Also at 4.6 on my 3930k and at 1.34 vcore, this is surprising to me.Should i leave speedstep enabled...

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Lynkdev by Level 10
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GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5 plastic film on back?

Hi,I've noticed the GTX770-DC2OC-2GD5 has a plastic film on the back. Nothing in then manual or driver disk manual says to remove it, but when I see closeups of the back of the card on other sites, the plastic has been removed.Does it matter if it's...

New build... BIOS problem

On my rampage IV i can't get into the BIOS.It's requesting me to press F2 but the USB keyboard is doing nothing.Debug code is showing 34 "CPU post-memory initialization" & lane one of the memory has a yellow light showing.I've tried swapping sticks t...

Tuning For Better MemTweakIt Scores

http://rog.asus.com/135582012/overclocking/tuning-for-better-memtweakit-scores/If you’re getting into MemTweakIt with your P67/Z68/Z77 ASUS motherboard, you will want to read up on how exactly the scores are calculated in order to get a better result...

X-ROG by Level 15
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SD Card not recognised

Hi,I just bought a new G750JH machine, and have spent the past few weeks setting it up.However the SD card reader doesn't seem to recognise any of the SD cards I put in it. I use the same cards in my camera and with a USB based SD reader with no issu...

ade_m by Level 7
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