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No sound tab/equalizer

Hello.Given the zero support I had in the z97 motherboard forum section, even from any Asus engineer or mod, I'm trying this section now and see If any of you could help me.I'Ve just purchased an Asus Maximus Ranger VII, and although I'm quite happy ...

Power Limit Exceeded - But how?

Hello. I recently ran into some instability issues with my overclock and system in general.I wanted to start from scratch, so I decided to update my BIOS before, since there was 4 newer versions for my board. I succesfully updated BIOS, and wanted to...

Ryzen 3600 not boosting on b450-f

I have everything updated afaik. Latest 3003 BIOS, latest AMD chipset drivers.No matter what settings I do such as PBO, Auto OC in Ryzen Master my CPU will just not boost past 3,900-3,950Mhz in any game. When idle, it maxes at 4,000Temperature when p...

Thrill4 by Level 7
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Gear down

Let me start by saying thanks for any help on this issue as Im new to this and appreciate any help on the matter. My motherboard is a b-450f , Ryzen 3600 cpu and corsair 3000 rgb pro. When I selected the docp profile in the bios it stated 15-17-17-35...

Chad27 by Level 7
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MaxxMem2 DDR4 Ram Scores

Hey Everyone !A while back Rockford started a Maxxmem2 thread for DDR3 ram, I haven't seen one for DDR4 so I thought I would start one. I just recently got a new G.Skill Trident Z 16GB 4133MHz cl19 kit and wanted to benchmark it, unfortunately my Max...

Nate152 by Moderator
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