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8700K delid 2 cores higher temp

hi since 1 year i delided my 8700k and looks stable at 5ghz but i prefer to stay at 4.9ghz with 1.30vcore.made some stress tests with intel burn test with Stress level Max and 2 cores are always higher ( almost 10 -11c higher)is this normal ? or i ha...

How GPU Tweak 2 manage GPU Temp ?

Hi !I've recently installed GPU Tweak 2 on my ASUS ROG 750JS and am wondering about something.How does GPU Tweak 2 manage to lower the temp on the GPU ? By default is about to 90°C and I can choose to lower to what I want (like 80°C).Is really really...

Mordust by Level 7
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is it working ? upload fail and .rbr fail

is it still working ? or closed ? i cant upload my result and cant take my .rbr file , i tired to take .rbr file but it doesnt work how can i upload my result ? realbench login is working but upload and cant take save upload file

tunc8686 by Level 8
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i7 980X Overclocking - Heat problem

Hello guys I have an i7 980x and I'm trying to overclock it on my Asus Rampage III Extreme. I just bought a cooler master masterliquid ml240l rgb cooler but the temperatures at 4.1GHZ even at 1.3V vcore are in the high 70s. :mad: I am also using Ther...

D3 by Level 7
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Asus H170 Pro Gaming... Overclockable or not?

Hi everyone! Maybe its a noob question, but there we go!I know that we need a Z series to overclock. But when i went to my bios, i can saw in tweak ui that i can change the cpu mutiplier and the voltage of my cpu. Can i overclock ...

Unlocking fan curve

Does anyone know how to unlock fan curve on ASUS ROG GL702VM (or similar laptops)? Fan speed is grayed out on MSI Afterburner window and if I open settings window the "Fan" tab doesn't show up at all. Do I have to go into BIOS to unlock fan curve?

Stable OC 4.9 GHZ Guide on i9-9900K

Hello !i need someone who can help me on this matter.I use a small case Ncase N1, so I can not take 5 GHz. 4.9 GHz should work for me, but I don’t know how to set it up correctly.My specs to overclock:Intel Core i9-9900k + ASUS Rog Z390-I Gaming + No...

iDrakus by Level 7
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