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Can't Overclock at all?

OK working through some issues I finally have a system that is stable and runs great! so what's next OVERCLOCK well I have a 4770k and it wont OC at all. even to the turbo of 3.9? I tried everything using the AI sute, the OC panel and even manually...

jrberna by Level 7
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Fixing Haswell and Ivy Bridge CPU temps

I ran across this video on youtube and was wondering if any of you guys used this fix. I have the sandy bridge-e cpu i7 all cores read different temps, example I'll run InterBurn test at high core 0 reads-78c core 1-59 core 2-71 core 3-67 core 4-62 c...

abvolt by Level 11
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Radeon memory

A friend pointed out that my machine is all ASUS and AMD/Radeon and suggested I try Radeon memory. I have no reason to dump the G.Skill Sniper but I am curious if anyone has tried the Radeon ram. I hear it's made by Patriot but know nothing about it.

Heini by Level 11
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Crashing isses.

Hello, First off I am new to the board even though I have made my build over a year ago. I am running into some issues with random crashes and freezes.This occurs when I change the mem frequency from 1333 to 1600 and up. The mem is rated at 2133(OC) ...


I have a question. I`m using Asus VG248 144hz Screen 1920X1080 screen. Do I have to use DVI or HDMI. If I use HDMI I cant get the 144Hz but only shows 60Hz (144Hz is why I bought this screen at the first place). With DVI I can change it to 144Hz. Wh...

Asus Rog G750JX Problem!!

Can someone help me? I recently purchased a asus g750jx-cv200h, after a few days I install the update video card nvidia gx770m. After the update every time you turn the pc Turns on but the monitor remains off. Turns on again only after the sleep. Res...

Alvi89 by Level 7
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Can't modify chassis fan speeds?

Motherboard: ASUS F1A75-V Pro (I know, nothing special)I have been unable to modify the speed of the fans I have connected to the two chassis fan/pwr fan/cpu fan headers via ASUS AI Suite, Speed Fan, or BIOS, although according to the manual I shoul...