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ASUS Z87 Sabretooth and Samsung 256GB 840 Pro SSD

Hi after new build all seemed OK.However from cold boot my system boots ok with SSD but when in windows i restart the system it hangs up.By that i mean it doesnt boot into windows you just get the boot screen which directs you to BIOS press F? or del...

shallo by Level 7
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XL2411T rev 2.0 144hz 1080p ?

Hi i have a XL2411T rev 2.0 144hz monitor i just got. This maybe a stupid question but when i set my monitor to 144hz it only goes to native resolution e.g 1920x1080 (native) in nvidia control panel and not 1080p 1920x1080 i can set it to 1080p with ...

starfer by Level 7
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Crosshair Formula-z quick question.

Hello, I am first time builder using the Crosshair formula-z board. I have just about completed the entire build but I am still waiting on the monitor and keyboard to be delivered. One little thing I can't figure out is, how does the motherboard sp...

MAXXHEW by Level 7
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ASUS SSD Caching

Hi, Thought this might be the place to ask:)I have my OS on a 120GB SSD it is plugt in to a Intel SATA 3 port. And then I have a 60GB SSD and a 1TB HDD (both SATA 3) plugt in to Marvell's ports (those with SSD caching sticker).When I'm in the AI suit...

Phenixx by Level 8
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VH236 control panel stopped working

My monitor(Asus VH236)'s control panel stopped working, as in the volume control and other monitor setting buttons.I went inside and accidentally broke the cord that connects the control panel to the monitors main motherboard, and I need to replace t...

Gp32x by Level 7
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BSOD question

I have an overclock on my i7 4770k of 4.5 ghz. (Z87 Deluxe board) My temps are low and everything runs runs great. I have been hammering games now solid for 2 months, especially BF4 for a few weeks now. Suddenly out of the blue whilst playing BF4 I g...

Disable cnnection to certain WiFi access points

I live in an apt complex with free WiFi as the only internet connectivity, unfortunately it sucks in every aspect of the word. in inSSIder 3 I can see several access points w/ different dBm, however the problem is the access point with the lowest dBm...

a2919261 by Level 7
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