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Asus Cerberus 1050TI OC Edition 4GB

Hi guys and girls can you share last .rom for Asus Cerberus 1050ti OC Edition 4GB for NvFlashhttps://www.asus.com/us/Graphics-Cards/CERBERUS-GTX1050TI-O4G/because i send email to NVIDIA which say i need to contact graphics card manufactor, when i co...

Correct voltage setting

Correct core voltage setting for flexible core voltageHi guys,I am running a 6850K @ 4.0 GHz on a Asus X99 AII. I simply used the XMP profile on the board and left core coltage at auto.Right now my core clock is set automatically depending on my work...

X299-E Gaming XMP Issues Advice/Input

If anyone has any insight with this I would greatly appreciate it:I am having serious issues with stability on my X299-e with G.Skill 3600 C16 XMP speed. It has behavior I'm not used to with any other cpu/board which is it brings up a speed of 3603 ...

6850K Overclocking - My Experience

I've finally settled down on my 6850K's overclock and wanted to post an update to the final settings along with a few things I learned. And I've also linked to my log on Google docs on the bottom of the post.Components I7 6850K Asus Rampage V Editi...

Z390 rog maximus xi gene + 9900ks stability

Hello guysMemory Predator 2x8 gb 4400 mhz I've been playing around with these combo for some and now i want to decide what final overclock to use, i don't have any particular problem but would like some suggestion may be from a more experienced user...

Alexx75 by Level 7
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rampage vs extreme overclocking failed

hi alli've been working without any errors in my music studio for years but suddenly i have this overclocking failed at start up, it doesn't happen always but lately at least 2/3 times a week.i don't know if i'm overclocking, maybe i can deactivate i...

romax by Level 7
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Weird CPU behaivor!

I installed my new 10940x and i firmly overclocked to 4.6ghz to all cores, so far all runs fine.I played long gaming sessions and all is rock stable.After a few days i started my pc and play again and i turned on afterburner and i see that all cores ...

zocker by Level 9
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AI Suite Bugging Out

Hi all,So recently I've reinstalled windows 10 to a clean install, and after I installed AI suite 3 it started to bug out after 30-60 minutes.By bugging out I mean suddenly it thinks that my CPU is -1°C and the voltage is suddenly 5.559V and it ramps...