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VCCIO & VCCSA Voltage in [Auto]

Hello, all my temps are fine, and I'm running CPU in default settings except for my memory.On memory I have it set to manual , running @ 4600MHz 1.5V 19-26-26-46 and system is prime95 stable.My CPU VCCIO is set to Auto and stays @ 1.312VAnd CPU VCCSA...

Braegnok by Level 13
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7700k degradation?

Short story: 2 years ago I oc’d a 7700k to 4.8ghz @1.25v. It passed all tests I could throw at it. Today - two years later - it needs 1.33v to pass the same tests. Cpu Degradation? Wall of text: Roughly two years ago I bought a 7700k and a prime z27...

A_radek by Level 7
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Post code 7F

Hello guys, do you need help? I played the game and post code 7F crashed and my computer restarted Asus z390 extreme motherboard Processor i9 9900k in overclocked to 4800mg RAM g.skill 4400 took 4000mg what could be the problem? In overclocked RAM?I'...

3700x oc on ROG STRIX X570-F

Hi there.I have recently started to overclock my 3700x. Using Ryzen Master, I've managed an overclock of 4.3ghz at 1.3v on all cores, I could try to go higher, but i don't want to atm. Is 1.3v save? I've heard different opinions on this.Now, I also t...

Web sites that sell "binned" CPUs ... scam?

I've inquired with a few well known overclocking websites that sell what they called "binned" CPUs ... for example a 9900KS that runs at 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 Ghz ... but when I research their "guaranteed" values, they list their "test" setup as:1. Water co...