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Asus maximus vi formula -{m-sata question}-

Heya guys just got ASUS MAXIMUS VI FORMULA LGA 1150 Intel Z87 The motherboard comes with a {M-SATA} BT/WIFI with one slot empty I have 3 questions 1) Would like to know if the M-SATA adapter is SATA-III / SATA-II / SATA ?2) Would like to know if i ...


hi peeps, as i,ve had to put my 2nd card in the 3rd pci slot as its too tight to the other card to go in the 2nd slot, can i use the 3 way sli lnk card to 2 graphic card setup, the orangey ones you get with the cards look pants, also i have 2 sli con...

kevvy by Level 7
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HERO substandard OC

Hello,I have built a 4670K HERO VI system a few months ago and everything has been working well stock. I toyed with OC it to begin with but never got the time to give it justice. I haven't had any issues in the past few months, except with the HERO...

Fan Xpert II crashes on start

Hi GuysI have read as many of the fan Xpert II threads as I could but none of them specifically address the problem I have.The software was working perfectly for about 3 months after I built the PC (I do this for a living so there is no issue with bu...

Display Lag/horizontal lines | Overheating

Hardware specs:- ATI RADEON HD 4670 & xfx RADEON HD 4890 (crossfire)- 3x dell monitors (1x 1600x1200 & 2x 1280x1024)- i7-3820- Ramage IV Formula - 2x 500gb (Raid 0 | 6g ports)So i had to re-install Windows 7 because of some virus, once Windows was in...

Freeze / Resume Slowness?

Hi,I experience technical difficulties on my computer. I try to find out why it is slow on both processor and graphic card. It freezes and resumes every 10 seconds, but it does not require me to reboot my computer.I processed memory diagnostic prog...

Low RAIDR Express internal transfer rate

Hello all,Just in the hope to get my system tweaked with your advice.I'm getting something very weird in my system.When I start to copy a file (mkv file around 15GB) from my RAIDR Express to my Corsair SSD Force 3 I get around 600MB/s on initial tran...

rodval by Level 7
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AMD r9 270x probs

So just recently this past Christmas i was given a AMD r9 270x as a gift. being me i couldn't wait to put it in my PC having previously an AMD radeon HD 7770 so not the most powerful upgrade but it was the best upgrade suited for my system considerin...

which monitor,

greetings to all and happy new year, right i want to replace my monitor, at the moment i,ve got a lg flatron w2234s,and i,ve had it a while, and the fact i,ve just brought 2 gtx 670s to sli, and think i should enjoy them on a new monitor, so tech h...

kevvy by Level 7
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Question on memory for OC 4.2 ghz

Hi,I have planned a build using Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0. The memory possible being used is G.Skill Sniper 2x4 gb, DDR3-2133 / CL 11-11-11-30 / 1.6v. I do plan on over-clocking up to 4.2ghz. My question is on the memory CL 11-11-11-30 will it support ov...