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How to turn off overclock

HelloHow do you turn off the overclock? When I boot up the splash screen says I'm overclocking at 36 percent. I am not a gamer, I record music, and I need the most reliable setup I can get.I looked in Ai-suite and didn't see anything.Also, I found a...

Maximus XI Hero not stable with DDR4 4133 memory and 5GHz

Hi allI'm new to this, but hope someone will help me see if I can get my computer to run stable with full speed on my memory and 5 GHz on the CPU - or at least 4000 MHz on the DRAM frequency.My setup:MB: ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI)CPU: I7-9700KM...

RR_DXB by Level 7
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Old Hardware question

Apologies in advance if this has been asked a zillion times. I searched in the forums, but everything on here seems to be for newer stuff.How do I know if I need to raise other voltages besides my main CPU voltage to either avoid a bottle neck or get...

Dopeus by Level 7
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R6EE with Bizarre Load Line Voltages

This is a new R6EE + i9-10940x running Windows 10 with UEFI Optimized Defaults. The board has not yet been overclocked.I believe this board has a defect with how the 0603 BIOS is controlling the load line voltage. For some reason, XTU reports cu...

Why can't change BIOS settings in Adaptive Mode?

If I change CPU Core/Cache Voltage to Adaptive Mode, then reboot, I see the following:then I try to change the Offset Voltage value by typing some numbers(without pressing Enter, yet), looks like this:but then, after I press Enter it reverts to Auto ...

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How to achieve 3600mhz dram in z270F

Hi*Can someone help me ? I got this dram trident z rgb F4-3600C18D-16GTZRX - when I tried to configure the settings in ram (2133 to 3600mhz) it wont bootup so I tried to add some voltage in my dram (1.350 voltage) after all tries it wont reallt bootu...