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RAM not at the proper speed & system won't OC.

OK so I am totally new to the whole ROG motherboard scene and I've read most of the documents including the manual, the starer on this site and a few other things. My issue(s) are the following:My RAM is Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer 4 x 4 GB. It...

advent by Level 7
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RAIDR EXPRESS only 636 MB/S Read 476 MB/s Write

Hey guys, I just bought and built a new PC and when doing benchmarks I was disappointed by the read and write speeds that I was getting, as they are no where near the 800 MB/S that are advertised. My setup is :ASUS ROG RAIDR EXPRESSASUS ROG MAXIMUS V...

Quiet Air Cooler with RAM limitation

Dear members,I'm using maximus VI Formula with i7 4770. RAM is 32GB Kit from Corsair Dominator Platinum with their beautiful aluminium heat sinks/spreaders. I'm looking for air cooler which can fit in my system without having me remove aluminium spre...

G73 Overheating and Crashes

Hello Folks.I've been using a G73jh for some time, never had any related problems. But in the past month the GPU temps have been reaching 127Degrees and then crashes the machine. I can try and reduce the load by dialing down game setting but this i...

video card artifacting 2x r9 290

Hey guys as above,I have my cards at a 1100mhz core and 1375mhz mem oc, in heaven every now and again i will get a random lite pink or purple flash, or quick flash of colour on the screen doesnt take up full screen just a tinny bit now and again.. i ...

mrgc8 by Level 7
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Would ASUS release a steambox?

If enough people were interested, would Asus release one? Companies like Gigabyte, ASRock, and plenty of others are making steamboxes. It is basically a cheap gimmick, but my main interest is the case design. It is nigh impossible to find a slim-ITX ...

Xonar Essence STX + Logitech Z906 = trouble

Can anyone please tell me how to get the two beasts to play together well in gaming? Using the UNI drivers with the Audio Center settings the same as I use for the Xonar DX the music sound is better but gaming sound is awful!!!!!!!!!

Heini by Level 11
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Question about battery use in my Asus

So I got my ASUS G750JX today and I'm lovin it with no ends. However, I did have a question as I do want to take good care of it. The salesman told me that when I'm at home playing games with it I should remove the battery and just play plugged in. T...

gpu problem

Hello guysAfter some time playing games my screen colour in game turns greyer, this doesnt happen on the desktop or in video only in games. Any ideas?Thanks