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GTX780-DC2OC-3GD5 with driver >320.18 loud fan

On my new Rampage IV Extreme (bios 4802) motherboard after the installation of the newest Nvidia driver 332.21, one of the fans of the videocard is running 100%.This also happens when I install Nvidia driver version 327.23The fan is running normal is...

exocet by Level 7
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RealBench v2.0 Public Beta! & Leaderboard

Ok here's what you've all been waiting for..RealBench v2.0 public beta!v2 Leaderboard:http://rog.asus.com/rog-pro/realbench-v2-leaderboard/A quick summary of what has changed from v1:1) Addition of the OpenCL test. (it uses all available GPUs includi...

Nodens by Level 16
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ROG 7 OS user looking for help please read

windows loader, isn't that the tool for WGA (windows genuine advantage) circumvention? not that i have anything strong against it, just that i find it queer you'd whine about something which you get for almost no cost as far as i know there's no wind...

haihane by Level 13
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Z87-Plus - Audio Malfunctioning

I just built up my new machine based around the Z87-Plus w/ i5 4670k, 16GB RAM, Asus GTX760 OC, and a new SSD for system drive. I loaded Windows 7 Professional 64bit with no issues. Went through and installed all the drivers from the disks and (see...

SSD In ASMedia port just went away

Hello all,I'm setting up my ARBE system with an I7-4930K and 32 GB or G.Skill 2400MHZ ram. I connected me OCZ Agility 3 240 GB drive from my old system and windows 8.1 just figured out the new box and came up no problem.Today when I powered up the c...

Moving my parts to another case?

Hello, all. I was looking at my PC today and realized my case is old and small, and it lacked room for any new fans etc etc. I thought that maybe I could buy a new case and just take everything out and move it all in. I have never done this so I want...

Godlik3 by Level 7
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7850 oc's anyone?

does someone here owns a 7850?would you give me some bright ideas about clocking it?my gpu aftermarket is on my siggy, i wont stress this enough(sorry asus )btw ive clocked it to 1050 and idle temps are 34c while a fur benchmark test brings it to 67...

G750JW-DB71 and dual monitors

First, I am not a gamer. However, I do like to have the latest and greatest if possible. This laptop hopefully will replace my desktop. and 6 year old Dell laptop. My use will be business and especially voice recognition.My previous desktop had a dua...